Practice Love

Ep #40 – Practice Love

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • What happens when you don’t have love for yourself.
  • Common fears that keep you from practicing love.
  • What you need to strengthen the quality of love.

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Ep #40 - Practice Love

Hello, lovely.

You are in for a TREAT. Today’s topic is how to practice love.

L- is for the way you Look at mee…… ‘ we could say the same with loving yourself. How to you look at yourself?

When you don’t love yourself, you are critical of yourself, kinda get stuck repeating things you DON’T want to do. You may be more reactive to what people say to you or judge how you look or tell yourself you should know this by now.

There is a LOT of self-development talk out there about LOVE. Just love yourself.

It’s hard to practice something you don’t know how to do.

If you didn’t feel loved a lot as a kid, you didn’t get to practice feeling love a lot.

A lot of my clients aren’t comfortable with it or it feels forgein because when they grew up, it just wasn’t a practice.

Just like piano, you can’t just start practicing Moonlight Sonata if you don’t have the basics.

It’s the same with love.

You need the basics first.

Otherwise, time and energy that goes towards ‘loving yourself’ won’t feel productive. It;s overwhelming to when you tell yourself you should love yourself more when it’s simply just something that needs more practice - familiarity. It’s not a lack on you part in ANY WAY. We know what we know, right.

‘Still don’t love myself!! Why bother. MUST be meeeeeee.’

Nope. Not the case. You are capable of feeling this love, always have been.

First, let’s clear up some fears about love for yourself or self-love.

1. It’s not selfish.

2. It’s appreciation for yourself.

3. You will not become a pompous jerk.

4. You will not neglect your responsibilities.

5. You will not become obsessed with yourself.

THAT would definitely be a problem. You can understand WHY women are uncomfortable loving themselves when they think this is what happens.

What actually happens is: 1. You stop criticizing yourself

2. You don’t pretend to like things when you don’t

3. You’re honest with yourself.

4. You live in integrity to what’s important.

5. Less stress and anxiety.

6. You know the difference between effort/drive and rest, and when you need one or the other, you give that to yourself.

Guess what? These qualities also roll over into your other relationships because the relationship with yourself is the filter for everything else. So less critical of other or in their business, less reactive with other people, don’t compromise your standards even if someone else doesn’t agree, and don’t have to prove them wrong or explain yourself - SOLID in who you are and what you’re doing.

That’s REAL self-love. Love your neighbor as yourself has more meaning here. It;s more authentic vs TRYING to love someone but not really giving that to yourself first. Feels harder.

So back to the piano - If you start practicing now with the basics, you’ll learn to play music in no time. Same with love. You were ALWAYS capable.

You just needed the basics to practice.

That’s when progress is made.

You get ALL the basics when we work together and I guide you through the entire process. Like a piano teacher. YOU have the ability.

With repeated practice, you won’t ask yourself who you are or wonder if you can maintain your results.

It’ll just be the way you live yo’ life. This is you, and you love yo’ self. OK? OK.

Alright that’s our episode. So I’m going to tell you how to start these basics. Take one minute right now and schedule a consult appt if this is where you feel stuck. Self-development is great, but if it’s not refined specifically to your life, it will seem like a dream. Let’s partner together to actually get everything you want. Go to and schedule a consult.