You know how to reach goals. Now let’s do it in a way that’s fun and sustainable.

A well cared for mind and body fills you with energy in moments of self-doubt or lack of motivation.

Welcome, lovely. I’m Ms Christie Williams. As a Self-Esteem Coach, I help people reach goals in an energizing way. We take a personalized approach to what’s important to you and pair that with a routine that isn’t overwhelming. We consider what season of life you’re in, and create a strategy for the long-term and short-term.

It requires something you’ve never done to this degree before. Acknowledging what you really want in your life and making it happen one step at a time.


It’s the difference between:

  • Saying yes before you have a chance to check your schedule and having to cancel, reschedule, or rush vs being selective and intentional each week.
  • Eating food that weighs you down and makes you lethargic instead of enjoying foods that fuel you and taste delicious.
  • Craving a weekly routine that’s simple and productive but pushing off your plans because you’re not motivated in the moment.

Not to worry, lovely: 

If the routines you want to enjoy don’t line up with your daily actions….

The problem is not because you’re not good enough.

It’s not that something is wrong with you, 

And it’s not that the time isn’t right. 

The solution is simple and when done regularly, it changes everything. We’ll cover that in a Program Consultation.

But I have one question before we go any further:

What does a routine you love look like?

Not only the goals, but the little, daily moments too:

  • A warm cup of coffee in your favorite mug.
  • A night in with your love with tasks finished.
  • Reading the Bible in your cozy robe as you start the day (no rushing required).
  • Eating a tasty, nourishing meal with peeps and enjoying every bite.
  • A well-cared for mind and heart.

Let’s start adding those moments now.

To get started, schedule a Program Consultation.

See you soon, lovely.

‘Goals are not just dreams but realities in process.’Ms Christie Williams


Who doesn’t, right? You’re not alone, lovely. There is a definite attraction to ‘doing it yourself,’ but this is the thing, you will. In the program, I’m not doing the work for you. It will be you putting these tools into practice.

Professional Coaching and Training is a guide to your personal success. {P.S. We’ll use perfectionism in your favor. If you have a strong drive, we’ll tap into it. We’ll just take off the critical self-talk when things don’t go as planned 100% of the time.}

First, that makes so much sense. Self-motivation is a skill. Like any other skill, there is a basic training required to bridge the gap. If it’s been a challenge to motivate yourself in the past, it’s not a character flaw or limitation on your part. It’s a knowledge gap.

We bridge that in session, so you’ll have what you need to strengthen the skill of self-motivation {P.S. You won’t have to rely on waking up with motivation anymore – woohoo!}

Let’s celebrate your commitment! That’s an accomplishment.

In the program, we line up your schedule with your priorities. We’ll line up your schedule with your priorities. We’ll validate what season of life you’re in and the way you want to feel living in your schedule. Then create that balance, so you enjoy the effort you’re putting in (and feel refreshed while relaxing).

Nope. That desire for 100% positive makes your day-to-day feel harder.

This is the thing, lovely. The human emotional experience is 50/50. Part positive, part negative, like a battery! This is not a flaw but by design. In my program, you’ll learn the beautiful nuance of how to use how you feel powerfully, so whether you feel positive or not, you’re being intentional with your actions.

Schedule a Program Consultation. We’ll cover more than ‘just information.’ We’ll look at the important things you want a part of your schedule and how to make it happen, one bite-sized piece at a time. Click ‘Work with Christie’ from the website menu, and schedule from there.