You know how to reach goals. Now let’s do it in a way that’s fun and sustainable.

Because taking care of yourself can not become another item on your to-do list.

As a supporter of others, truly taking care of yourself runs deeper than a weekend at the beach (which is delightful too).

A well cared for mind and body fills you with energy that replaces those moments struggling to find motivation. 

Welcome, lovely. I’m Ms Christie Williams. As a Self-Esteem Coach, I help women design a life they love.

It requires something you’ve never done to this degree before. Creating balance.


It’s the difference between:

  • Saying yes before you have a chance to check your schedule and have to cancel, reschedule, or rush vs a schedule that’s doable and lights you up.
  • Eating food that weighs you down and makes you lethargic instead enjoying every bite of your nourishing meal.
  • Knowing your goals are a lot bigger than the 9 to 5 but pushing off your plans until next quarter because each day is filled with enough already, and you’re tired.

Not to worry, lovely: 

If the life you want to enjoy doesn’t line up with your daily actions….

The problem is not because you’re not good enough.

It’s not that something is wrong with you, 

And it’s not that the time isn’t right. 

The solution is simple and when done regularly, it changes everything. 

I have one question before we go any further:

What does a life you love look like?

Not just the BIG GOALS you’re working towards, but the little, daily moments:

  • A warm cup of coffee in your favorite mug.
  • A night in with your love knowing you finished everything else you planned.
  • Sitting in your robe reading the Bible as the day starts with no rushing required.
  • Eating a meal with family and enjoying every bite.
  • A well managed mind and heart.

If you could choose the way you want your day to be, what would be included?

Let’s start adding some of that now.

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‘Goals are not just dreams but realities in process.’Ms Christie Williams