Hey, lovely, if you want to be yourself, you’re in the right place.

A big piece to enjoying life is knowing who you are and doing what’s important to you.

Often there’s a disconnect between what you want to do and what you ‘feel confident’ doing.

The solution is simple: Self-Esteem

As a Self-Esteem expert, I teach women how to be themselves, balance emotions, and get past self-doubt to live a life they love.

We take out comparison to other women, and focus on your strengths, your skills, so you fully enjoy the work you do. Whether you’re with family, working on a project, traveling, or chillin with a good book, you are present in that moment.

If you want to feel a deep sense of accomplishment, but struggle with self-doubt or what people think:

The problem is not because you have to accomplish more to feel better about yourself,

And it’s not that you aren’t good enough.

So think about this:

How do you want to feel on a daily basis?

If you find that challenging to answer, which one connects with you most:

  • Relaxed and calm
  • Driven and focused
  • Accomplished and fulfilled
  • Confident and content

All of these are benefits of healthy self-esteem.

Why do I teach Self-Esteem, and how did I get here?

I lost my sister when I was 35 and thought she was better than me. When she died, I lost all sense of self and started gaining weight, feeling lethargic, and honestly, miserable. I didn’t talk about this except with a couple trusted friends and my husband. To those around me, nothing was different. When it came to work and my responsibilities, I was showing up, Total Boss actually, but when it came to personal goals, I couldn’t motivate myself.

I wasn’t comfortable in my skin, didn’t know who I was, and was embarrassed at how I felt. It was then I realized it wasn’t the accomplishments that made me feel good about myself; it was a strong sense of self and knowing my personal value and contribution. Through the loss of my sister, I uncovered a lot of critical self-talk I didn’t know was there. By repeating over and over that she was better than me, I inadvertently crushed my self-esteem. It had a HUGE impact on the way I felt and the actions I was taking. Let’s just say I wasn’t myself.

Once I moved critical talk out of the way, it was freedom. Life comes with challenges no matter what. The difference was now I knew what I wanted and who I was. I had a daily practice to come back to, reset myself, and get to work (or rest without feeling so guilty.)

Now I own The Self-Esteem School and help women be themselves in the Self-Esteem Program.

Every woman is unique. So we take out comparison and focus on what you want to accomplish, how you want to show up, and how you want to feel daily – using your gifts and strengths.

Self-Esteem is like a muscle. You have it. So let’s build it up to be your fullest self, doing what you love.

You ready? Enroll in the Self-Esteem Program here.

New here? Listen to this Hello, Lovely podcast episode to get started. It will light a fire in your belly and help you be yourself now. Enjoy!

‘Goals are not just dreams but realities in process.’Ms Christie Williams

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