I help women manage their emotions and build self-esteem.

Do you feel like you should always have it together?

Whether you’re a mom, running a business, or growing your relationships, there’s a lot of pressure to feel positive or happy all the time. That might work for robots, but as a woman, you’ll have a variety of emotions.

Sometimes you won’t feel positive. That is not a problem. Ignoring emotions or putting them on the back burner makes emotional pain sooo much higher and leaves you asking yourself, ‘Who the heck am I?’ with a bag of tortilla chips in one hand and a self-development book in the other.

That’s where emotional coaching comes in. We’ll focus on three main areas to build self-esteem:

Support Your Mindset

Feel Your Feelings

Remember Who Are

If you’ve been people pleasing, want to feel comfortable in your skin, and start getting things done you’ve been dreaming of for 10-years, you’re not alone OR behind.

Thousands of women have this experience. Insecurities can make you feel like there’s something wrong with you. That thinking comes from practice especially if you grew up thinking you’re too sensitive or too emotional.

I created a simple process to build self-esteem, reduce overthinking & doubt, and support your emotions. You’ll immediately have tools to process emotions the way you were designed, so you won’t feel trapped in them. You’ll feel more clear, calm, and doing more things you love without pressure to do them perfectly.

Being sensitive is a good thing. When you build self-esteem, it’s not a question of what you want to do in your life; it’s when can I get started?!

The relationship with yourself is a filter for everything else, so if you want better relationships with people, with your work, in your goals… it starts with you. Having a relationship with yourself that is SOLID. That’s where we’ll start.

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