Everything we do depends on what we think and feel. 

At the root of our thought process is how we think about ourselves. 

The relationship with yourself is a filter for everything else.

Most of us don’t realize the way we treat ourselves and the impact that has in our lives. 

We can be treating ourselves like a kid and not notice.

This is how it shows up:

  • We listen to our inner ‘bully.’ (You’re not good enough or stupid).
  • We ask for ‘permission’ to other adults before making a decision
  • We want to do things perfectly. (A = good job)
  • Comparing ourselves to others and who’s popular.
  • We punish ourselves if we make a mistake.
  • We feel pressure to ‘explain’ ourselves.
  • We worry people will make fun of us.
  • We want to get approval from adults and want everyone to like us.
  • We tell ourselves ‘we can’t do that.’ (hold ourselves back from our goals).
  • We’re not sure how to process our emotions.

If this has been your experience, it’s OK.

You can create a better relationship with yourself.

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