Recipe for a Strong Relationship

Ep #38 – Recipe for a Strong Relationship

A strong relationship starts with a strong foundation.

I’m going to cover how recipe applies to how you treat yourself. Since your relationship with yourself is the filter for everything else, this recipe will roll over to all your other relationships.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • The three ingredients to this recipe.
  • Everyone has a relationship with themselves.

Featured on the Show:

EP #38 - Recipe for a strong relationship

Hello, lovely, something fun happened for me today. It was like a full circle moment. I fellow coached in a different industry reached out to me and was curious about my school and what my experience was like (which I LOVE sharing because it was so scary and exciting and I did it anyway). Anyway I realized on our call today that SHE is actually the coach who through a friend of mine, introduced me to my coach. WHATTTTT? SO I could tell her about my experience that I wouldn’t have had without her passing along some helpful info to my friend. SO GOOD.

I got to tell her thank you for changing my life in a way she had no idea she touched. LOVE IT. That felt amazing. She’s going to rock it as she starts her classes and all the things. Congrats, girl.

OK, so our topic today is Recipe for a Strong Relationships, and of course since this is about your relationship with YOU, I’m going to cover how this applies to how you treat yourself, AND since your relationship with yourself if the filter for everything else, this recipe will roll over and can be applied to all your other ones. It’s a great recipe you’ll keep using.

There are three main ingredients which I will go over and then for the next three weeks, I will share each one separately. SO what are they?

Trust, Commitment, Love. I’m going to include a graphic in the show notes that shows how each of these propel the next one, but when you are tight with yourself and you start building your RWY, these three things are always in motion. It’s like a circle that keeps propelling you forward where you feel confident, clear, and able to feel your emotions.

Each one of these, trust, commitment, and love are emotions, but they can also be actions. It’s powerful. You can feel commitment and show love to someone. You can feel love and trust someone as an action. You can feel trust (solid-confidence) and make a commitment as an action. It all goes together, and the more you develop these emotions and skill sets the more authentic and familiar they become, and you just know who you are and what you want to do.

That’s why this TRIFECTA that I loving named is the foundation for the RWY and all other ones. Again listen in a subscribe so you can catch the next three weeks for each one as I take them deeper, BUT even if you are feeling low or are starting this work, if you have just one in any moment, you can use it to propel and build up to the next one.

Check the graphic out in show notes. Which ones do you feel is your strongest of the trifecta: Trust



It varies for every client I have. I can usually guess which ones from our sessions which is super fun, but I have them answer this question and then ask which one they feel is their weakest.

Then we go to work, and they practice these emotions and skills to keep the trifecta strong. And voila, strong foundation to the RWY. Because remember, everyone already HAS a relationship with themselves. They either don’t know or it’s a rocky one or they just want to make it even stronger. Hating yourself is a RWY. So using the trifecta takes the hate out and replaces it with, you guessed it, trust, commitment, and love. It’s a complete 180 in how you treat yourself and others because the RWY is a filter for everything else. Even prayer. It gets more open and free because now you are not judging yourself as much and put that strong foundation into that relationship: trust, commitment, and love.

So which one is the weakest for you? Let’s make all of them stronger. Applications are open to work with me one on one in the 6-month program. Go to, apply, and pick your date for our consult. We will take a deep dive into the RWY starting with how you are feeling right now and how to reduce high emotional responses and get you clear on your why and who you are. Do not wait to feel yourself. You do not have to push through. That IS optional.

OK, see you guys over the next three weeks. See you soon.