Keep Going

Ep #37 – Keep Going

You go in the direction you’re looking.

When you ask yourself a question like ‘what if I can’t do it’, it is literally your brain’s job to start finding all the proof for you. It’s the wrong question. You are creating new proof. That’s where you direct your focus.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • How to reset when you question yourself.
  • What growth is.
  • Why feeling uncomfortable is not a problem.

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Ep #37 - Keep Going

Hi ladies, welcome to another episode.

Today I’m talking about how to keep going, and it starts with letting one big annoying question go: What if I can’t do it?

We’re going to let that go with love. Think about how that applies to someone else. They want to build trust in themselves and have a solid relationship with themselves, and you ask them - what if I can’t do it?

You don’t have to entertain that question: Deep breath in. Let that go. What’s interesting is when you are confused and struggling back and forth, your eyes will go back in forth like little windshield wipers. When you pause, deep breath , OK let this go, look in a different direction, literally, (for me it’s up and to the right), it’s a moment to interrupt the overthinking. Hold on one moment. I’m OK.

When you ask yourself a question like what if I can’t do it, it is literally your brain's job to start finding all the proof for you. It’s cool like that. So of course you can find all kinds of proof of why you can’t. Why do you want that? It feels like a protection because there’s so much proof to support your case, but you are doing things differently. You are creating new proof. Look in that direction.

Ask yourself what are all the reasons you ARE doing it? Let’s go past the can and decide you’re all in. That feels so much better and gives your brain a ton of stuff to work with.

You will create what you go after. Olympians don’t drop out of the womb knowing exactly what they need to do to become an olympian. One day, they just decide. Hey, this is what i WANT. I’m going to work my butt off for it. They may not know all the how-tos, but they do know one things for sure - they are not going to stop figuring it out.

And I think this is a great moment to highlight byproduts of going after what you want with that much commitment. Let’s say that olympian does not get accepted the first round. Does that mean the work was for nothing? No way. Think of all the relationships they’ve created from this goal, the health benefits, the endurance, the drive and trust in yourself to follow through. Those are big things and only a short list of the byproducts.

Who you become while honoring your commitments is everything. That’s growth. Growth is thrown around a lot in the self-development world, but this is really what it is. It’s growing more comfortable with feeling new emotions for you. Growth in your relationship with love, endurance, embarrassment, fear. When you get familiar with those, that’s growth. You learn to handle them and process them. That’s growth.

When you let go of I can’t, you are choosing to feel. You’re saying, listen, I may not have all the how-to’s yet, but I am not quitting. I am going to figure it out. I’ll be scared, I’ll make mistakes, I’ll celebrate, it’ll be hard, but I WANT this. I can’t is a dream killer. You do not have to say it.

Even if you think it sometimes, don’t stop. Let what if I can’t go. Take a deep breath. We’re doing this! I say that to myself - we, LOL. Talking to yourself is a like skill, you guys.

Your brain can always find reasons you can’t. WHO CARES. It will also find reasons you ARE good enough. The reasons why you ARE doing this. Choose those reasons. If they are both optional, why not get what you want?

Love you ladies so much!! See you next time.