Ep #41 – Trust

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • What trust is.
  • What happens when trust isn’t used.
  • What changes when trust is used.

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Ep #41 - Trust

Hello, lovelies!!

So nice to be back, and I have such a good topic for you today.

Trust. What IS it? What does it look like when you don’t use it, and what amazing things happen when you do use trust?

We’ll get all into that, but I gotta say, I am so proud of the women I’m working with. They are making progress and seeing some changes in their lives. Seeing some of those critical thoughts for what they are - total lies LOL, and making decisions more clearly towards the goals they want WHICH is a little bit about what we’ll cover today because trust comes in there are a factor.

OK. Trust. What is it? It’s like confidence. It is an ability/decision that’s ALREADY there, and you can choose to use it. It’s a tool to have your back and make decisions. The more you use it, the more it grows, and the easier it gets to use it - like any tool.

This is what happens when you don’t use trust for yourself: * Second guess things.

* Ask other people’s opinions but not because you’re curious - out of worry or confusion or wanting validation/permission

* Worry what people will think - in general

* Not 100% sure.

* Wonder if there is a better way to do things. Think you’d be happier if you knew what that was.

* Don’t change your habits even though you want to. Not sure how to or what’s missing.

* It’s harder for you.

* Hope people don’t know what you’re thinking.

* Think things that are uncomfortable are ‘just the way it is.’ Emotions included. Just the way it is.

Fortunately, these are optional, and if you are experiencing any of these, good news - nothing is wrong with you. Total human things. They appear in our lives from time to time. But these are actions taken when you don’t USE trust. Remember, you already HAVE it, so this episode is about using it. How to practice it more.

So in order to do that. Let’s take a moment now to think of ALLLLLLL the ways you already trust yourself. There are so many. 1) Driving - every time you get in the car and drive, you are using trust. If you did not use it, you would not drive. Period. Why? Because you’d be second guessing things, worrying, not 100% sure, not change lanes, not accelerate, question what everyone else is doing - basically, the same exact things that happen in any other circumstance when trust there.

Again, you already have trust in yourself. It’s there. SO practicing it more will help it be in all other areas of life more. Right now, driving is something you’ve practiced for years using trust, so you may not even notice how confident you feel driving. That’s how it can feel in your life making decisions and how confident you can feel about yourself - period. Practicing trust while driving doesn’t make you ignore other people or become prideful, it keeps you focused on where YOU are going. Very important when driving. LOL Just as important in life. Your choices get you where you go.

So when you DO use trust, this is what changes: * Enjoy what you have - enjoy where you are even if you want to make changes. Contentment and more solutions, enjoyment, celebration, time to think, less rushing or hurry to get the next thing, etc.

* Do things that line up with your big picture.

* Don’t have to explain yourself.

* Don’t need everyone to understand.

* Supportive group of friends.

* Take responsibility with love.

* Honest with your feelings.

* Check in with yourself to see what you need

* Make confident decisions. Less waiting and confusion.

* Don’t compare your journey to other people as a measure of your worth.

* Make your life your own with decisions on purpose.

This all comes with practice. You never have to wait to practice. The more you practice trust sprinkled through your day, the more you will see it automatically. Just the way it goes.

It’s not complicated. Again like driving. You could call it complicated, but it is how you choose to look at it. It can be simple when you keep it simple. Learning to drive was fun, and so creating a better relationship with yourself.

In my program, I share simple basics to practice each day sprinkled in. It doesn’t take a lot of time, and it’s not confusing because you are only focused on one thing, not trying to fix a bunch of stuff about yourself.

Because this is the thing: You don’t need to fix yourself. You're always growing in experience. That never stops. THAT is what makes life beautiful. The more you get to know yourself, feel your feelings, and practice love, commitment, and trust, the more you will feel fulfilled. The things you want to do and things that are important to you will become what you DO. Instead of thinking about things that would be great and having them feel off or part of a dream. Uh huh. Not up in this program. Dreams are realities in progress here. Building trust and confidence is part of being a human. You’re not behind this is your journey, and I can teach you how to make this a regular part of your life, so it happens more on autopilot. Go to and schedule consult for my 6-month program. You and I will Zoom 1:1 and talk about what your relationship with yourself looks like now - including trust and take the first step to get there.

I’m only working with 20-woman right now to focus on their growth and dreams, and almost half of those spots are taken. So if you want to get in now, which I know you do, go to the website right now and get your consult done. OK, ok. See you there, lovely.

Have a great week ladies, and I’ll see you next time.