Love Yo’ Self

For years I was worried how my body looked. I was worried that my belly was showing too much in a dress or that my hips were too big.
I’d look in the mirror and take a big sigh (and an eye roll, fist to the sky ugh!).

I didn’t want people to see me and judge me. 

I was judging myself and my physical appearance more than anyone else.

The mean things I thought about myself followed me everywhere. I was always comparing myself to others and feeling less-than.

When I looked at pictures I hated them. 

I wanted people to like me, but I didn’t like me.

That makes a difference.

Does it sound weird to love yourself? We fear that if we feel good about ourselves then we’re pompous. 

That’s not the case. You can absolutely, 100% love yourself and think you look beautiful. 

No one but you can stop you from feeling beautiful.

You can start right this minute. Nothing needs to change on the outside. You can start deciding right now you choose to value yourself.

Yes, you. That beautiful woman who just said, ‘yeah, right’ under her breath (and rolled her eyes). LOL

You can look at any photo of yourself and decide that you look beautiful.

That’s when change comes. 

No more looking in the mirror grabbing your body and saying ‘yuck.’

No more comparing your size to people in the same room.

No more craving the need for other people to tell you that you look pretty.

You can decide right now. Every time you look in the mirror, see a photo, or look at your legs and stomach while you’re sitting, you can choose to appreciate and love your body. 

What’s the alternative? It’s hating yourself. There are no good results from that. Promise.

You can start choosing to think how much you love your body. Isn’t it amazing to have a body?! It’s a gift. Every single body. YOUR body. A gift.

We take for granted what our bodies do for us. There’s so much to love.

Your value, worth, and beauty have nothing to do with what other people think or say about it. 

It’s nice to hear others say we look nice. Want to hear that more?

Start choosing to say it to yourself. Find all the reasons. What do you already LOVE about your body? There are definitely plenty of things.

Give yourself a chance to celebrate and see what you LOVE about yourself. 

Yeah, I said it. You can love yourself. 

People don’t love you because of what you look like. They love you ‘cause of how you think.

People are automatically drawn to you because of your insides, not your outsides. 

Promise me this, lovely. No more ‘name-calling’ yourself.

You are beautiful inside and out. Enjoy what it feels like to try that on everyday.