Feel Yourself Again

You want to have more energy but stay in bed a little longer than usual.
Last night you promised yourself you’d start today.

At night, the TV is on for hours, but you’re not really watching it. There’s nothing on, but it’s a distraction.

You are super creative and smart, but negative emotion is fogging your mind and you don’t have the energy. Waking up tired is a part of the regular day. Going to bed exhausted or disappointed is too. 

You don’t want to change everything about your life because there is so much you love about it, but you can’t fully enjoy it like you used to because of anxiety or stress.

If you just knew what to do to be yourself, that would be great.

You don’t want to be someone else. You want to be YOU at your fullest, real self. 

It’s hard to do that. 

Negative emotion is part of life, but not at this level.

You are playful, funny, and loving. 

That’s how you want to show up everyday.

You show up on the outside.

People think you have no problems.

Everyday you wake up, start your day, reach out to help people, and care SO much.

You have goals and ideas. You know that deep down they are really possible. 

It seems like later might be a better time because you’re not feeling yourself right now.

You don’t know exactly where to start. 

You don’t want a quick fix. You want to feel better long-term.

You are NOT a crazy person.

It’s hard to open up and express what you’re feeling. That’s why you haven’t started yet.

That’s OK. That’s why this is a safe space. 

You are an amazing woman already. 

The next step is feeling amazing. 

  • No more mindless snacking at night wondering where half the bag of chips went.
  • No more thinking something is wrong with you.
  • No more hours of scrolling through social media and comparing yourself (and then judging yourself).
  • No more shopping online to feel better and then kicking yourself because you overspent. 

When your mind is clear, that’s when you feel your best. That’s when you are yourself. 

You ready for that?