Creating Confidence

There’s something sneaky that lowers our opinion of ourselves. Self-doubt – when we question our value. 

Self-doubt doesn’t lower our actual value. It affects our view of it. 

Our value as a human is incredibly high. You can’t put a monetary price on it. 

When a baby is born, how valuable is it?

You’d never say that baby isn’t valuable or that one baby was more valuable than another.

When does that baby start losing it’s value? 

Trick question – it doesn’t. It’s a reminder that YOU are still a valuable human. 

We stop seeing value in ourselves. We think that someone else is more valuable than us. Maybe a friend or relative we love and admire seems more valuable than us.

It’s not true. We start questioning our value the very first time we compare ourselves to someone else. That starts at a young age.

Comparison starts so young that we don’t even notice it as adults. We find reasons why we’re not good enough and keep repeating that to ourselves without questioning why.

We accept it as fact: Christie – not good enough. 

If we think someone is wrong with us, we keep proving to ourselves that’s true. 

Did you catch that? Who do we prove that to? Ourselves.

Others tell us how much they love us or that we’re special, kind, smart, etc., but if we don’t believe it, those words only make us feel good in the moment. 

It’s hard to feel confident when you keep thinking something is wrong with you.

So let’s set the record straight right now. Nothing is wrong with you.

The person you admire the most –  you have the same value.

I’m going to give you the very first steps to start creating confidence and seeing your value.

First, what’s the benefit of seeing your value and creating confidence?
Your whole experience improves.

Everything we think and do goes through a filter of how we view ourselves first. It’s how the brain works. (Crazy, right?)

This is what that looks like: 

If we view ourselves as not good enough, that impacts how we view others, what we think is fair, what’s possible, and what’s going on around us. 

On the flip side, when you view yourself as valuable and capable, you see more possibility in others, you’re not easily offended, you don’t give up, you don’t constantly judge yourself, you try more things, and things around you don’t feel out of control. It’s what true confidence feels like.

Confidence doesn’t mean there are no problems. It means there are a lot more solutions. 

Confidence doesn’t remove negative emotion. (Let’s face it – negative emotion is part of the human package), but confidence is the skill to feel any emotion. Can you picture that?

If you could experience sadness, grief, fear, anxiety and knew exactly how to handle it, would you feel more confident?

Imagine how your experience would be different if negative emotions weren’t overwhelming and you didn’t question your value?

Confidence, right?

Here are some thoughts to remember your value:

  • All babies are 100% valuable.
  • You’re still the same baby, just a little older. 🙂
  • No person is more valuable than you.
  • Your body and brain were created by design
  • Life is the gift. Everything else is a bonus.
  • Goals don’t make you better; they add fun and variety.
  • No one can take your value away from you.
  • The person you love the most has the same value as you.
  • Nothing is wrong with you. 

Which one of these stands out to you? Take it with you today.

Remember your value is 100% human life. Priceless. 

Imagine what would be different if you didn’t question your value and could experience any emotion.

Both of those are possible. Click here to find out.

That’s confidence.

Enjoy this beautiful day. See you soon, lovely.