The First Step

Having passion and energy to start making changes feels amazing. When you first discover you want to lose weight or that you CAN actually get out of the black whole of negative emotion, it lights a fire in your belly and you feel all-in.

That alone is not going to get you to your goal. It’s an amazing feeling, and it’s the first step to making a change. But the idea and desire to get started, does not create the results.

You may think that starting to change your actions is the next step, but it’s not. What???! 🙂

Taking the action is actually the third step to reaching your goals. Isn’t that crazy?

If having the desire to change (lose weight, feel better, reduce negative emotion, stop self sabotage) is the first step and taking new action towards that goal is the third step, what is the second step?

Choosing a new way of thinking. That’s step #2.

Here’s why. By taking the first step and acknowledging your desire for your new change, you’ve given your brain, yourself permission to change. That is a beautiful thing.

It’s the opportunity and glimpse to see that this new goal is possible.

Taking new action and creating new habits IS key to getting your desired results, but I want you to seriously consider what I’m going to tell you next about step #2.

If you don’t choose to practice a new way of thinking about yourself, the actions won’t last, and the desire will fade in and out. Nothing will change.

If this sounds discouraging, don’t let your brain go there. This is actually the best information you can possibly get. You are learning the difference between desire of change (goals) and getting new results (goal done).

This is exactly what I help my clients do. We get to the root cause of why action (Step #3) isn’t being taking.

It always comes back to our pattern of thought, mind over matter, feelings about yourself, giving up, and isolating the EXACT culprit thoughts that are giving you the lack of motivation, depression, guilt, feeling unworthy, lack of commitment, or my personal favorite, sneaky emotion: passive.

I want you to imagine how much drive you have to reach your goal when you are unmotivated, indifferent, unprepared, or passive.


This does not have to stop you anymore. If you have the first step, the desire for more, you have the ability. That’s a fact. Your brain knows it.

Let me help you with the rest. Let’s use your brain’s amazing design to get the NEW results you really want that you are 100% capable of.

You don’t need these results because they will make you a ‘better’ person. You get to achieve these results because you CAN, you WANT to, and because it FEELS amazing to live your life on purpose.

If you’ve got Step #1 under your belt, and you know you are ready to reach that goal (you know which one I’m talking about), let’s get started right now.

Here’s a review:

Step 1: Desire for Change (Goal)

Step 2: Choose a NEW way of thinking. (Fuel)

Step 3: Create new habits. (Action)

Not only will you reach this goal and create a new version of yourself, what you learn in the process will effect every other area of your life. It’s a beautiful thing.