You’re Amazing

Did you know?
You’re amazing.
I hope this is something you see in yourself.
You have every right too.
You’re a strong women.
You’re generous.
You’re loving.
You’re committed.
You’re YOU.
Unique. Full of love. Beautiful.
Sometimes we don’t see it ourselves because of our loud-mouth critic.
Our BIGGEST critic who is always ready with something mean to say.
Our inner critic.
She means well. She’s trying to keep us safe. She’s trying to tell us to be careful.
That inner critic is just wrong. You are good enough. You’re better than enough. 
You’re amazing.
I see that.
When the inner critic comes up with something to say loud in your ear, it’s OK.

Thank her for caring so much. That inner critic thinks she’s helping you. 
She just isn’t right about you. 🙂
All my love.