Your Body Image

Ep. #12 – Your Body Image

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • How to create an amazing relationship with your body.
  • A simple practice to love your body more right now.

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Your body image comes from your thoughts.

Episode #12 - Your Body Image

What up ladies!! I got the sweetest card in the mail thanking me for the podcast. MY HEART exploded!!

Thank you listener. You know who you are - Loved your feedback, and I’m so glad you are enjoying the podcast.

It is definitely my goal to give you the mindset tools to support the best life ever, so I’m so glad it’s helping you. SO AWESOME.

Let’s dive right into your body image.

One of the tools in my program is creating an amazing relationship with yourself. The basic concept is that the way you think and talk to yourself whether conscious or subconscious is a filter for all your other experiences. So the way you enjoy, react, remember, and experience things in your life will come through this filter.

The first thing to point out is this relationship is in your brain. Not on the outside of your body. So the filter that you SEE your body through is - YOU GUESSED it the relationship with yourself.

Your thoughts about you.

So let's talk about body image

Google defines it as - the subjective picture or mental image of one's own body.

Interesting huh? the subjective picture or mental image of one's own body.

So the view of your body is strictly your thoughts about it.

How would you describe your body to me if I was blind: I have weight to lose. A big belly, you may make jokes about it, talk about your breakouts, your bad metabolism, etc. etc.

It shows what your current body image is. Notice I didn’t say your current body shape is. Your body description as seen by you.

Women don’t usually go right into describing what they LOVE about their body. But we are totally GOING there right now.

What is amazing about your body? Start with your eyes, what color are they? Are they beautiful? Yes. What about how your body works? it has a symphony of function on the inside and outside - taking in oxygen, pumping blood, making blood, digesting food, processing waste, regenerating skin, collecting nutrients, fighting illness, breathing in and out all day. Picture all those things your body is doing. Your body is amazing.

You have a body. Your body is loveable from the inside out.

This is where you start. It might be hard for you to love your body because of the current RELATIONSHIP you have with it right now. But you have a body. That’s 100% true. You can love your body shape and features now without changing anything yet, and that is key.

If I do that, then nothing will change.

That’s where I challenge you - something will change. Your relationship with yourself and your body. It will improve.

Then what happens - lots of things change.

The key is deciding what to think about your body on purpose. Even if it doesn’t feel like it now, you are deciding and choosing to think the thoughts about your body you have now.

Thinking you’re ugly, fat, not good enough, not good enough skin, is not going to make you love your body. Those are thoughts you are choosing.

Even if you lose weight, if you don't have a relationship with your body now that’s loving, you will still hate your body when you get to a different number on the scale.

Because it’s what you think of yourself - that relationship filter.

So let me ask you this.

Do you WANT to love your body? Do you WANT to love your body?

This is how you start loving your body.

Acknowledge you have a body.

Look at it - look at all the areas you currently judge. Feel your skin and look at it.

When I started to change my relationship with my body, I would look right at my belly, and grab it , look at the skin, look at the stretch marks, feel that skin, really notice it. Before I’d simply spot it out of the corner of my eye in the mirror, and say EH I CAN”T LOOK AT THAT, and try to run past it.

Do the opposite. Look at your body.

Practice this - when you notice you want to look away from your body, look right at it, feel the skin, grab your belly, appreciate that it’s there - seriously, even if it feels illy at first.

Your body is valuable, it is beautiful.

Decide to Love your body right now, then decide what’s next. You may decide you want to be healthier from the inside out or still lose weight. That’s OK.

BUT don’t change your body because you don’t like it or hate it. Love your body first and then choose how you want to treat it BECAUSE you value you and your body right now.

Your bodycan change on the outside, but that doesn’t automatically change how you see itInstead of beating yourself up for what you look like, look for all the beauty. There is a lot - it’s you - your living, breathing, beautiful body.

Change your body image where the body image is created. In your brain. Love your body since it IS amazing and beautiful. It’s the ONE you have for life - LOOOOOVE it. You’ll start seeing more beauty everywhere else's - why? FILTER..LOL

Your relationship with yourself are thoughts that you think - choose those on purposes so they SERVE you. Start with what’s REAL for you. I have a body. All the beauty you already see.

Other people can tell you you're beautiful, but whether you believe it will come down to what YOU are thinking about your body image. AND that’s a CHOICE.

Beating yourself up does not produce anything productive. It keeps you stuck.

Your body is beautiful. What body image do you want to choose and create for yourself? Because when you LOVE your body, you really do, it shows from the inside out, and you're the one who gets to enjoy it.