You Are Stronger

There are so many people in my life that I admire. There are many reasons why. 🙂

Some of the people I love the most have been through some really hard stuff. A combination of things that you wouldn’t even think possible.

There’s not a lot I think of as ‘not possible’ anymore. As I listen to so many beautiful ladies’ stories, I hear them share how those things have made them weak. Whether it’s financial, loss of loved ones, sickness, misunderstanding,…the list goes on, they feel as though they are broken now. Not as good as they used to be. De-valued somehow.

It’s different for everyone, but a similar feeling of sorts resonates with many of us.

We think the experience made us weak.

You know what’s so interesting? As I hear their stories, I think the complete opposite.

I see strength. I see endurance. I see so much. 

It takes a lot of strength to go through the list of things my lovelies have experienced. A LOT. How is it that we don’t see strength when we’re on the inside of it?

Turn it around: what if you met a woman and found out about all the things she had been through? All the same exact things you’d been through and you hadn’t gone through them. 

What would you think about her?  Wow. How did she go through that? She’s strong. 

Muscles get stronger when they’re torn up. With every repetition, the muscle grows. You can’t get physically stronger without the hard work. When the workout is hard, you know the results are going to be BIG. 🙂

Humans right now – we’re the same way. With every hard experience, every single one, we get a little stronger – without noticing. 

This doesn’t minimize the pain that came with it. This doesn’t minimize the pain that follows. It’s a reminder of how we can look at ourselves now, afterwards.

Would you say it was hard, a fight, exhausting, a blur, unbelievable? 

Maybe you’re actually a prize fighter and didn’t know it. By the way, those guys are strong. 

You haven’t lost the fight even if it feels like it. You are stronger than you think. 

A little gem to remember: ‘When I’m weak, I am powerful.’ 

What if you are actually stronger than before, you just didn’t know it?

That’s how I see you, lovely.