Working Hard vs. Wearing Yourself Out

Ep #30 – Working Hard vs. Wearing Yourself Out

Working hard means more commitment and less commitments.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • You fuel your goals, not the other way around.
  • You don’t have to do things because you’ve always done them.
  • How to be honest with yourself about why you do things.

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Ep #30 - Working hard vs Wearing Yourself Out

Episode 30 - whaaaat!? Do you guys know how much that means to me? I used to be someone who didn’t trust myself to follow through or quit when it got hard. Thirty episodes represents 30 weeks plus so much more - emotional work and research to produce these for you.

How many things are you trying to do at one time. The question to get your juices flowing today is WHY?

I’m inviting all of you ladies to take a look at what you are doing and scrub it. This practice is the opportunity to make sure you are connected and lined up with what you’re doing.

You’re like a battery. You have the energy, not your goals.

That means if you are trying to FUEL too many things, you will wear out and not power what you really want.

Women are built for working hard. We LOVE it. That gets mixed up into multi-tasking, saying yes to everyone, jumping into things from FOMO (fear of missing out), and setting expectations that are what robots can do, not humans.

Then on top of that, we beat ourselves up - telling ourselves we fell short, should've been able to do, should know things by now, and aren’t as good as the people we admire.

Whew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it. No wonder we feel worn out at the end of the day. ALLLLL of that is spinning around in your head every day.

So life scrub commences…….

The most valuable thing you can do BEFORE doing a scrub of your schedule is take it a step back to full life view. Your brain will want to make the same decisions it has before when which brought you to overbooking yourself and then the beat down. We’re putting your brain on notice.

Taking a step back and truly making brand new decisions based on your full life view, not through what you’ve always done because someone said so or it’s ‘part of you.’ There is YOU, and then there are the things you DO. Those are separate and can be changed, not by force, but by a scrub and a decision to commit to those new decisions. I’ll touch on that in a bit.

What is it that you want to accomplish in your life? What is important to you? Start there.

Don’t rush through this. Give yourself some brain space to think about it and write it down. Even if you don’t know HOW to do some of those things yet OR make them happen yet, that’s irrelevant. Write down the honest answers to those questions.

OK. The next step in doing a scrub is to decide how you want to treat yourself in the process? Being strict and pushy is not required. That is great news because those feel terrible anyway. Think about the way you would treat someone else who you supported fully, without judgement? Loving, encouraging, real (not sugar coating hard work), open, and a cheerleader. Treat yourself the same way. That’s what I’m offering you. TRUST me on this. THIS is a huge piece of the success you’ll see. When you decide to treat yourself this way before and during habit changes and mistakes, you guarantee success and you see more of the success along the way. It’s always there but whether we see it or not depends on how you decide to treat yourself. So decide that in advance.

Lastly, as part of the scrub, imagine yourself with all those goals and habit changes done. Picture yourself with all of that DONE. Go ahead, right now. How do you feel? That is who you are. The woman on the other side of your plan and scrub is inside you right now. You can totally love yourself now and have your back. That is where you make decisions from - the women you are at the END of your goals. When you think forward that way, you will feel less stuck, less judgemental, and have an underlying drive to keep going no matter what. AND you won’t feel pressure to do it perfectly.

Think of how that’s true. When you already accomplished all those things you wanted and are living the way that lines up with what you want, when you look back and the journey the mistakes and trial and error along the way aren’t a problem. You see them as exactly what needed to happen for you to learn and grow to the next level. Treat yourself the same way now. Permission to make mistakes along the way and work hard at the same time.

OK now let’s talk about Putting the scrub into action. This is why it is IMPORTANT to make sure your scrub was done from a place of loving yourself and owning your choices. It’s commitment.

We make decisions all day, but commitment to those is a separate decision. Look at your decisions - each of those little choices on your scrub that you want to put in your life and schedule. What is your commitment level to them? What does a 10 look like? That is the WORK.

When you work towards your goals from first asking yourself what’s important to you, taking care of yourself, and picturing those goals done, hard work is enjoyable.

You arnen’t wearing yourself out because you say NO to things now. You’re not saying yes to everything. You’re saying yes to what you committed to, not as a perfect robot, but because this is the life you are living on purpose.

Things will happen along the way, but your commitment is a 10. That means you are open to finding new solutions and perspectives to keep going even if it’s in a direction you didn’t think when you started.

You fuel your goals, not the other way around.

You don’t have to do things because you’ve always done them.

How to be honest about why you do things.

Work hard to act on your commitment to what’s important.

Enjoy the process.

Take care of yourself.

I made a jump start for you as you make new habits. It will help you stop the inner critic, understand your emotions, and stay connected and lined up with your goals. Go to, download click here on the homepage for your jump start. Enjoy. It’s 3-mini video trainings to get you started.

Love you guys so much. See you next week.