What is a Life Coach?

Ep – #18 What is a Life Coach?

A coach helps you create specific results.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • What coaching is.
  • Who I work with.
  • The impact of working with a coach.

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Episode #18 - What is a Life Coach?

It’s fall weather, and it’s so beautiful. I’m a summer girl and love the sunshine and the heat. I don’t like to be cold. The weather right now is in a transition where it’s so nice. It hasn’t gotten really cold during the day yet. I’m trying to be outside as much as possible.

So today’s topic. So timely. Life coaches have been around for a long time, but today more than ever, they are increasing in demand and style, so I hear this question more and more: what is a life coach? So let’s do it!

I could not find a google definition on this, just wikipedia and other websites. They vary quite a bit SO I’m using this episode to define it how I see it.

A life coach helps you reach a specific result you want to create. So there you go. Coaches help clients with countless different things, and they really is a life coach for everything. What coaches have in common is they know how to create results, and they each have tools, concepts, or programs to help their clients reach those goals. A coach has your back. A coach will point out patterns in your thinking process that keep you stuck, a coach can help you with emotional health. They help their see their ability to find new solutions and what they can control.

Coaching is a partnership, but there’s something your coach won’t do. A coach can’t do the work for you. BUT that’s why to me coaching is more impactful because you get to see clients change habits they thought were 1) unchangeable, and 2) out of their control. It’s INCREDIBLE to see someone go from, I’ll just deal with this to being consistent in new habits and getting unstuck. SO POWERFUL.

I think everyone needs a life coach, really. I felt very confident in things and goals, i've felt very insecure about things and in BOTH cases, working with a coach helped me reset emotionally and point out a thought process that was keeping me stuck. WHICH is so fun. I call that a breakthrough or light bulb moment because it’s when you think something is a problem that can’t be changed and then all that happens is a perspective change and BOOM, new results. So incredible.

So for me, I work with women exclusively in their best life ever. I help women in two main ways.

1. Emotional health and 2). Goal getting

These may seem like two different things, but they go hand in hand. There may be goals that are important to you, but if you feel overwhelmed by your emotions, it’ll be hard to reach your goals. So usually when a women starts coaching, she comes for one - either emotional health or to reach a goal she’s serious about, and she ends up getting both. I’ll tell you more about that because I think it’s fun. It’s like those books when we were kids that have a bonus ending.

Someone may come to lose weight or make more money in their business. We coach and they get the support and tools to be consistent, but because a part of being consistent has to do with how you feel emotionally, they end up creating a beautiful relationship with themselves and feel better emotionally - even though they didn’t realize the could or needed too.

The other example is when I women comes to me to feel better emotionally, we coach on how to process emotions, reduce anxiety, stop the critical loop that we have in our brains sometimes, and she grows so much emotionally, that she has more focus, time, and energy that she wants to start setting some goals. THOSE ARE BOTH SO FUN..

So that’s how I define coaching. It’s a partnership in support, a mentor to your goals, someone who understands the brain and how it works, so they can point out thought processes and patterns to their clients. SOUNDS SO FANCY, but ultimately you start feeling emotionally confident, you’re not stuck in anxiety, lots of clients are able to come of medications (don’t do that without talking to your doctor), clients have paid off debt, got new jobs, lost weight, got out of a dark place mentally, made more money, AND my very best favorite. All of them create better relationships with themselves (which if you haven’t heard it, go listen to episode #6 - relationship with yourself). It is a missing piece to mental health AND reaching your goals. EVEN in your best life ever, because the way you think about yourself impacts how you show up. So even things you WANT to do or love, if you don’t feel confident emotionally, you’ll hold back or feel stuck.

That’s why I love my job. Plus I help women in the best life ever.

So I invite YOU. Do you want help one one one? Do you want to feel better emotionally and understand how to process your emotions? Do you want to reduce anxiety or reach a specific goal that you really really want and are ready for support? It’s time for a life coach. I’d love to work with you. Take a minute right now and schedule a free consult call. It is FREE. We can spend an hour via Zoom, we’ll talk about your specific goals, challenges, all the things, and how it will look on the other side of your goal. SO amazing. Plus we’ll get to be face to face. Go to mschristiewilliams.com, schedule your consultation, and I’ll see you there.