What clients are saying

“You’ve truly helped me to grow as a woman. I now know have the tools to help me understand “why I feel what I feel “ and you have empowered me to navigate through my emotions (do the “hard work”). It’s a feeling you can’t put into words when you can step back and look at yourself in a nonjudgmental way and know that all of our thoughts and feelings don’t determine who you are – you determine who you are! You’ve taught me to have my own back! This is invaluable to me. Thank you so much. As long as your are a coach, you will be my coach!!!!” – Private client

 “Thank you so much… the sessions have been such a blessing.  I could feel myself spiraling down into a dark place and I didn’t know why I was going there or how to get out.  Since you’ve been coaching me I am feeling more balanced resulting in more “happy” days, I’m having less anxiety attacks (because I’m not running from the feeling anymore), and I feel optimistic about reaching my goals!  Priceless gifts!!! I am so thankful!!!”  – Private client

“I love it! And it has certainly changed my mindset and confidence.” – Private Client

“Christie is awesome at what she does! She is passionate about coaching and giving each person the tools they individually need to be the best version of ourselves. She’s easy to talk with and relate to. Choosing Christie as your life coach will be nothing short of amazing! – Private Client

“I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  After all…what is a life coach anyway?  Christie made me feel at ease right away.  Whatever mess I may be in, whatever crazy thing may be running through my mind, she steers me back to reality without making me feel messy OR crazy. She gives me tools to use in my everyday life and she helps me realize things about myself that I had never known before.  The professionalism she shows is always complemented by warmth and personal interest and she ALWAYS makes me feel safe.   Thanks for coaching me through this messy, crazy thing we call life, Christie!” – Private Client

“Christie was engaging and supportive during the entire consultation.  She listened and immediately had ideas.  She is easy to be with and very efficient.” – Private Client