View Your Goals as Done

Ep #16 – View Your Goals as Done

When you see your goals as done, you make confident decisions.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • Your mindset impacts your progress.
  • How to be curious instead or critical.
  • Use fails as data for success.

Featured on the Show:

Episode # 16 - View Your Goals as Done

Do you set goals and wonder if they will happen?

Do you set goals and view them as done?

The difference is not the goal itself or the result you want to create but how you view it.

SO let’s look at both examples and see how they differ.

First one - set a goal and wonder if it happens, you’ll ask yourself a lot, is this going to happen and leave that unanswered. Our brains on default will question things to get data, but when we don’t answer it back with confirmation, it’ll feel stuck and seem like the only way to get unstuck is to stop the goal or the process.

When you wonder if it will happen, the focus moves away from solutions and new ideas, opportunities, perspectives, and stays on what feels easiest in the moment. Classic brain.

Second example - when you view goals as done, you are more content in the process, not because things are super easy, but because you decided that this goal is as good as done. The focus here becomes the next step without overthinking. You feel clear in your mind and can enjoy the moment on your way to the goal.

You create what you focus on, so when you choose to focus (decision) on your results as DONE, your brain is loaded with ideas. You see lots of options you could try and you’re open to testing those out.

When you see results as done, you make confident decisions, you’re not focused on doing this perfectly but being consistent. Everyday taking some action towards the end result. Not beating yourself up if things don’t go as planned but evaluating how it went and adjusting when needed. SAME GOAL.

When you view your results as done, you are open to looking at your progress as data.

What worked, what didn’t work, what would I do differently?

Instead of being critical you get super curious. OK this is what I tried and this was the result in the middle, how can I use this going forward. It’s information we wouldn’t have had that produces great tips for your continuing progress in your goals.

I like think of goals done like an iphone: It will always have updates. If Apple were to wait to release an iPhone until it had every possible feature bug free, there still wouldn’t be one in the public’s hands.There wouldn’t be a way to know when it was ready - for final. But it’s ready for release, over and over and over. It’s what makes your results great, knowing it’s done, taking the next steps, evaluating, tweaking.

Go back to the first iPhone. people loved it. It had a lot of bugs. It didn’t ‘go’ perfectly, but that doesn’t devalue the work that went into it. If Apple looked at the iphone with bugs and thought, this isn’t good enough because it didn’t go as expected, guess what? They’re be no iphone.

Instead, they view it as done, reach a release date, and viola! It’s a great product, and they get to keep evaluating, growing it, adding new features, etc. They wouldn’t know all the bugs without the release.

That’s us in our goals. We have a release date - a goal date, we view it as done, we put the work into it, we figure it out, from the emotion of certainty and confidence.

DO you know what it’s like to feel certain? It comes from a decision. You’re only one decision away from feeling confident and certain.

I choose to focus on my ‘release date’ viewing my results as done.

That’s the reset. You’ll feel all kinds of different emotions on your way to the goal. That’s not a problem. Acknowledge those emotions and feel them. But you get to reset your focus back to one decision. Oh yeah, I forgot for a moment my results are in progress, they’re done.

Evaluate anything that didn’t go expected with love, compassion, and as data.

What worked, what didn’t work, what would I do differently. It’ll give you the information you need to address the ‘bugs’ and keep moving forward.

When you picture yourself with your goal done, what are you doing? What are you thinking? How do you feel?

That’s a great tool in your toolbelt to keep you on track.

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