The Story of Sparrow & Jay

Several years ago I was feeling worthless and didn’t think that things I did or they way I acted was contributing to anyone. 

I hadn’t even started with a Life Coach yet. I had no idea what that was.
I didn’t know how to feel better even though I really valued my life and the amazing things and people in it.

Every day I had a regular routine of prayer and Bible reading. It was very helpful and added to be feeling more calm.

I came across Luke 12:7. I’d read it a million times before, but I really thought about how even if I was a tiny little sparrow I have so much worth in my Creator’s eyes. I took it personal for the first time.

I decided to simply just remember ‘you’re a little sparrow’ when I felt like crap about myself.

It got my through a lot. It became a self-given nickname, Sparrow. Ahh so sweet. I still love it. I started noticing birds more and how beautiful they are. I never really cared about them before. They were just little creations for us to enjoy.

Birds deal with a lot. They have no shelter given to them. No one is bringing them food. They are out in the elements on the regular. Lots of people hate them. They have a lot of predators. So many things. And yet, they love their little lives and are ready to fight for life everyday. 

What a perfect little example to follow. So that’s the Sparrow part. 

My husband’s name is Jason, and once I started noticing birds I realized that I call him Jay all the time. You know what?

That’s a birds name too. He’s my bluejay. He has some of the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen, and if we’re going with this whole bird thing, why not add him in there with me. After all, he’s my hubby. He’s in the ‘nest’ with me.

There you have it! Sparrow & Jay. Two peas in the pod. Two birds in the nest. It became our personal IG. 

A couple years later, I went to school, started my own business, and thought why not use Sparrow & Jay? It was a name that ws very endearing to me. It’s mine, and I will always keep it.

But when it comes to the business I own, I want it to be super easy for my lovelies to find me. How do I reach Christie Williams? Just go to mschrisitewilliams everything! LOL IG, FB, and now my website.

There will be some time in between where small, insignificant things like emails and branding start changing from sparrow and jay too. So this is the heads up. This is the intro to the new site. I AM SO EXCITED to celebrate this with you!

No matter what we go though. No matter what circumstances are out there. We can find joy. We can experience the unexpected. We can appreciate little and big things. We can get through this. It’s part of our amazing design. You are amazing even if you don’t think you are, and you can’t change the amazingness.

That’s what I love to share with all of you.
See you soon, lovelies!!