Reach goals, inspire others, be yourself

Leadership looks different in many areas of life.

Self-esteem leaders are parents, coaches, mentors, managers, CEOs – touching people’s experience on a daily basis.

You want to get along with your team.

Especially if you’re a boss.

You want people to feel comfortable approaching you.

You want them to have real conversations with you.

And you respect and appreciate them.

But if you feel pressure to be liked, you might shy away from saying the truth.

When there is a mistake that needs an adjustment, you might worry you’ll hurt their feelings.

Or you avoid the conversation all together, so the mistake continues, and the team doesn’t know where to improve.

When you get home, it weighs on your mind and you feel bad about how it went down.

You dread going in even though you enjoy work and want to build the team.

This can feel like an endless cycle that makes you feel less connected to your team or question if you’re a good boss.

But when you learn the skills to have honest conversations with discernment, you address the issue right away.

The team isn’t questioning your motives, and they appreciate you shared where improvement was needed.

You have a collaborative environment, and you don’t hide in the office hoping no one has an issue.

You know how to lead.

When you leave work, it doesn’t come home with you.

The team grows with the knowledge and example you provide, so they don’t take work stress home either.

These are the skills I teach. If you want to be a strategic boss and lead the team in communication, schedule a Consultation to work with me 1-on-1.

Learn these practical skills and get real-time coaching and application. 

Bring your challenges and wins each week as you have better conversations and see the team improve. 

As a leader, you live the example of what self-esteem looks like:

  • Honest, open communication.
  • Open feedback.
  • Productive delegation
  • Personal and team goals. 
  • Not taking work home with you.
  • REAL support and leadership your team, family, and community.

 One client shared: My life is so great right now. Professionally, I’m doing really well, and personally my life is awesome. I’m in a place I’ve never been in. I know who I am now. I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore. I’m in a good place.

The Self-Esteem School™

Healthy leadership comes from healthy self-esteem.‘ – Ms Christie Williams