Reach goals, inspire others, take the best care of your feelings, live life on purpose.

I don’t want to be a leader.’

Is this something you say?

That’s something I would say to myself and peers as I started my journey into entrepreneurship.

What you may not realize, like I did, is that you already are.

Leading by example.

Leadership looks different in many areas of life.

Self-esteem leaders are moms, siblings, teachers, coaches, mentors, managers, CEOs, Customer Service Representatives. Women touching people’s experience on a daily basis.

In between this list above are many other roles we step into where we’re leading.

Loving leadership comes from a heart of service.

When you don’t know how things may play out – drive is there to figure out the next step. People reach out to you: ‘What would you do here?’

You see that quality and potential in others. They can figure it out too. That connects you to people like a magnet.

Where you see a need – you want to fill it. It’s a skillset to learn when to say yes and no so you can have the fullest impact without burning out.

Self-esteem is highly sought after and yet there are not many outlets where we can learn the basics of self-esteem and how to build it. I’ve created a process to do that.

As a leader, you live the example of what self-esteem looks like. I call it Loving Leadership.

  • Motivating from honest, open communication.
  • Open to feedback and a listening ear.
  • Boundaries to reduce burnout.
  • Saying No so you can say YES to a Bigger Picture
  • Accomplishing goals with purpose 
  • Fullest quality of life possible 
  • A private life with rest and fulfillment
  • Understanding the basics of feelings to support your team, family, crew, community, self. 

What scares you the most about leadership? An honest look at that list will reveal what your next steps are (and they can be really empowering). If you were taught leadership by someone who led by guilt, force, or intimidation, you may feel like an imposter in a leadership role. It makes so much sense, but that’s not because you aren’t meant to lead. It’s because you’re a LOVING LEADER. We lead by self-esteem.

‘Self-esteem is the high value of others and yourself.’

Taking care of yourself is an essential piece of self-esteem. If you’re ready to build self-esteem and be an example of what’s possible for others, let’s have an open conversation about what that looks like for you personally and what it would look like to work together. Click here to schedule a consultation.

The Self-Esteem School™

‘Goals are not just dreams but realities in process.’Ms Christie Williams