Support Your Mindset – Part Two

Ep #56 – Support Your Mindset – Part Two

When you ask yourself, ‘What do I want to do,’ answer that question.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • Get clear on what to do to reach your goals.
  • Decide in advance to support yourself.
  • What you want to do is always behind ‘I don’t know.’

Featured on the Show:

Ep #56 - Support Your MIndset (part two)

Hello, beauty,

So glad you’re back. Today it’s raining. I could’ve slept in all day. LOL You know those days when the air is cool, the blanket feels extra cozy, it’s raining… it was like.

Lingered a little bit extra, worked with a couple clients, and now, it’s podcast time.

So today’s episode is continuing on one of the main structures the lovelies use to build self-esteem. Support your mindset. Last week I gave you part one and today we’re covering part two. So def go back and listen to part one which describes how to clear out what’s weighing on your mind. Once you’re clear, it’s easier to know what you want to do next, whether that’s today, tomorrow, a month from now, planning the year. All apply.

Part two is asking yourself: What do you want to do?

When you don’t know what you want to do, it’s because this question isn’t answered. Initially, it might feel like you don’t know, but allowing yourself a think a few minutes, the answer will be there. Sometimes it doesn’t even take a couple minutes. Many times when clients to this practice, they are able to be clear, have more lightness through the day and get a lot more accomplished without feeling pressure or anxiety. Such a great payoff for this practice of supporting your mindset.

So answer that question. What do you want to do?

I get it, you have a lot that needs to get done, but skipping this practice will make your day more anxious and overwhelmed. Interesting huh? This week one client shared how much clearer she is when she takes a few minutes to do this vs. thinking about doing it but running through her day ‘per usual’ without this checkin with herself. She simply decided today, that this will be a regular part of her day. She is so much clearer through the day and enjoys what she’s doing. Such a payoff right? Enjoying what you do. A lost art. LOL Not anymore, that’s what self-esteem refreshes - your JOY. It’s there. It’s available, it’s an option.Throughout the day you’re so much more clear, light, and putting effort where it counts, not overthinking. FREEDOOOM! Lol

I’ll share the different questions clients use for part two. So as a refresher, part two to Support Your Mindset is asking yourself: what do you want to do?

Make it your own with the same idea. For example, asks herself: what do you actually want to do today? Another client ask: What’s working? What do I want to do? How do I want to view what I’m doing today?

You can use Support Your Mindset to plan ahead past today too. Highly encouraged. I teach my clients how to look ahead, think about what they want, and use simple changes to start those future goals in motion. This practice keeps you future focused.

Listen, there’s you, and there’s your brain. Your brain wants to keep you alive. Thanks, brain! But that default function part of your brain only cares about this moment, now. It’s not interested in doing hard things or planning ahead. It’s focused on this minute. That’s why an unexpected cupcake that comes across your path seems so appealing. Your brain wants to seek pleasure all the time. GIVE ME THE CUPCAKE. You on the other hand, want to honor your plan and reach your goals a month from now. That’s what creates an ‘inner struggle’ so to speak. Here’s the juicy gem bonus about supporting your mindset. That inner struggle can be reduce when you make a decision to stick to your plan for your future. Decision made. It’s the back and forth, the overthinking that is the struggle part. Supporting Your Mindset and writing out your thoughts and feelings for your future goals will help you make decisions in advance.

For example, when you set a goal. Think about who you are when you reached it. Have you ever thought like that before? Most of the time we wait to see how we feel in the moment and act on an impulse for what’s easiest - even if it doesn’t line up with your goal. That’s why it feels like when you see a delicious cupcake and have a craving for it, you have to eat it. Great news - you have options. You are in control. So when you decide in advance by supporting your mindset, what do you want to do when there’s a cupcake you didn’t plan on smelling or seeing? Support yourself, ‘you can have a cupcake love. We’re just not eating it today.’ That’s an example of something I’ve decided for myself.

Or if you’re growing your business, what do you want to do when you wake up one morning and don’t feel like it? Support Your Mindset and decide that now. Most of the time after doing this practice to write out your thoughts, it will be much easier to do what you planned. The overwhelm drops off and you can be clear.

Your mindset is a decision. A decision to set and reach goals that mean something to you even when you don’t feel like it. Supporting your mindset part one and two help you 1) take out the trash, get all the overthinking out on paper, and then get clear and decide what you want. A mindset influences how you feel. So this main tool for self-esteem sets you up to feel confident about what you’re doing. Which is great because the next part of the structure to build self-esteem is Feel Your Feelings. That’s what we’ll go over next week.

The way you think about things (aka your mindset) influences how you feel (your feelings). Join us next week to see how the lovelies balance their emotions by building self-esteem.

Can’t wait. See you soon, lovely.