Work with me one-on-one to get individual support, tools, and guidance to be yourself.

The Self-Esteem Program helps you be authentic …without comparison.

Are you hard on yourself?

Forcing enthusiasm or wishing you were someone else makes that worse.

I teach how to be yourself without comparison. Looking at your values, what you’d like to accomplish, and how to accomplish those in a way that’s doable and enjoyable for you.

Insecurity and inner struggle as an adult comes from the same inner critic that made you uncomfortable in middle school.

Symptoms of low self-esteem look like random frustrations and disappointments, but the root cause is thinking ‘I’m not good enough.’

A symptom of low self esteem is ‘not feeling like it.’ I’m not talking about months and weeks go by and once in a while you’re not feeling like it. This is daily, weekly not feeling like it even when you’ve planned a beautiful week ahead.

So maybe you love making tacos and a little mocktail with the hubby. And lately the idea is nice. But when you go to do these things, the joy is not there. It feels like a chore.

This is a symptom of chronic low self-esteem.

‘There are so many things I want to do, but when it’s time, I don’t feel like it.

Feel yourself, and get back to things you love again.

When self esteem is solid, anxiety doesn’t keep you from what you want to do. You have a natural drive to move forward one day-at-a-time and enjoy the work you put in. You feel aligned, fulfilled, connected, and accomplished.

It’s not just words alone, but the action behind it.

If that’s not happening now, it’s not because you’re not good enough. It’s not because there’s a problem with you. It’s low self-esteem, and we have the tools for that in the program.

If it’s hard to feel calm in an uncomfortable situation, and the only option is to leave, react, or cancel, I can help you turn that around in the Self-Esteem Program.

If you worry you’ll feel anxiety or unmotivated tomorrow, next week, a month from now. That is a symptom of low self-esteem. I’ll teach you how to turn that around in the Self-Esteem Program.

‘What if I don’t feel like it,’ won’t be a concern anymore. Feel more balanced and understand where feelings come from. I cannot wait to teach you these tools, so you can feel your best, maintain strong self-esteem, and be authentic in this beautiful life.

‘Whatever you feel, you can handle it.’

How it works:

  • You and I meet one-on-one via Zoom once a week
  • Each class together improves self-esteem. Apply the tools in real time.
  • Program materials at intervals of the program. Guided step-by-step.
  • Coaching during class to make personal application in real time.

Christie guides you one-on-one each week to build self-esteem.
What clients are saying:

‘My attitude is different. I am more playful. I’m right where I need to be. That makes me feel happier so I’m more playful. There is improvement … it kinda makes you more creative.’

‘Low self esteem is still considered a taboo topic. In general it’s considered a weakness – a flaw – but the majority of women have self-esteem issues. Admitting that, realizing you don’t have to live that way changes your relationship with yourself (and your mate). You can just click more pieces of the puzzle together – why we’re made the way we’re made. It took the program to point that out to me – seeing how I need to treat myself.’

‘I wanted to express my appreciation for the time that we got to spend together. …it was very personal. I’ve spent my whole life in a struggle. When we started our 6-month journey, there were a couple of … mazes that I just couldn’t get through. That’s when you came in….It was so simple, but so profoundly life-changing. …I’m so confident that I will get through it, that the frustration, sadness, and feelings of defeat are gone and they’ve been replaced with hope, confidence, and determination.

‘When I am applying what I learned, everything begins when I stop and pause. That is the initiation for me. I know I’m about to break the cycle I’m in, slow down and pause.’

‘I’ve witnessed growth, it’s affected my attitude, performance, and finances that gives me a good grounding. Reassurance to remind myself – I have those tools. They’re not going to disappear. They still gonna be there.’

Self-Esteem Program | $3500

  • Weekly one-on-one, virtual classes with Ms Christie Williams
  • Your very own weekly guide to self-esteem from start to finish
  • 6-Month Enrollment

Yes, once you have self-esteem, it becomes a part of who you are. It’s not a long process or list of things you have to remember. One client said it felt too simple to say it was easy because the program has such a powerful impact, but the tools are easy to apply, and she wished she’d started years ago: ‘Had I known how easy the application of the tools would be - I probably would’ve acted sooner.’

Right away, you’ll start feeling yourself. I’ll teach you self-esteem tools you will have for life. You’ll understand why motivation goes up and down, where insecurities come from (and that they’re totally normal), and how to turn negative thoughts and feelings around. Your first session is a jump start, so you won’t wait 6-months to start feeling better. You’ll see changes from day one, and we’ll have the program term to make healthy self-esteem your new norm.

First step is a consultation

Yes! You’re in the right place.

The Self-Esteem Program is designed for women who want to be more in touch with feelings even if they haven't shared that before.  We build on areas of life you are confident. You'll get familiar with your feelings and reduce inner criticism. A healthy relationship with your feelings will make achieving goals more fulfilling.

I hear you, lovely. May I be real with you? That's what kept you from improving self-esteem. This is what I want to offer you: Let it feel weird at first. New things have a learning curve. Expect that. It’s OK. Things feel weird until it’s second nature. I'll guide you through the process. Many women joining the program feel the way you do. 😉  

Classes are private and the program will strengthen the relationship with yourself. Expressing your feelings during class will become more comfortable.

May I be bold, lovely?

Self-esteem is easy to put off when it's new. If you have a desire to be there, what would you need to think to make it happen? The way you feel about yourself impacts everything you do. It's your choice when to start, but why wait one more day to have self-esteem?

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The program is designed to compliment your schedule even if you work full-time. Private classes are LIVE with me on Zoom and are 1-hour a week.

The 6-month Self-Esteem Program is $3500.