Realistic Vs. Possible

Ep. # 3 – Realistic vs. Possible

Goals can be possible and realistic.

I’m sharing how you can keep your priorities #1 and create new results that line up with your priorities. You don’t have to forget who you are when you set new goals.

You can improve your relationships, reach your goals, and keep your priorities without kicking yourself or wearing yourself out. I’ll be sharing how that’s possible in this episode.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • What realistic really means and how it’s subjective.
  • What happens when we think ‘I can’t because….”
  • Your choice of what’s possible will impact your goals.
  • How you can create new results without compromising your priorities.

Featured on the Show:

  • Canva – my creative outlet for design. (Where I make my cheesy T-shirts).
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Realistic Vs. Possible

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Welcome to the hello lovely podcast with Christie Williams here I cannot wait to teach you how to be your offense excel, so you can live a love without beating yourself up and feeling stock. So. Hang out with me and I'll show you exactly how to do that. Let's get started. It is amazing to be here with you again for another week there episode of the podcast. I am sitting here with a shirt that actually says hello lovely on it. Actually got it printed from Canva. which if you haven't checked out Canva and you own a business where you love craps when you love just making pretty things pretty cards. Or anything kind of crafty, you have to to check out Canva it is so amazing. I can even put it in the show notes for you could check it out, but it is so great you can create all kinds of things there and one of the things you can make is a t shirt, which is Super Fun because I'm a big cheese ball and I love puns and. You gotta put puns on a t-shirt. So usually the t shirts that I've made so far just for myself. I have. Made Super puny. But I wanted to make one for the PODCAST. Hello, lovely, because I just thought it would be Super Fun, so it makes me feel a little bit legit over here like a legit podcastor here. I'm sitting here in the office enjoying some coffee. As I was preparing for recording this podcast today and I just feel so grateful. I feel a grateful for my life. The beautiful sky sunshine that's coming in my window just so many things. There's just something special about looking up at the sky every day. It doesn't matter what time you do. It always changes, and it's a little break from the day in a told reese, especially if I can be outside and doing it just a nice. Beautiful deep breath looking at the sky, just awesome, pretty painting from career, just so nice. So I hope that you're feeling grateful and enjoying a little sunshine yourself wherever you are today. And also too I wanted to point out that I recorded. Produce my podcasts myself so you may hear a variety. Of sounds in the background. As we go through these weeks, episodes together ranging from cars animals. Three or four different sirens. Is Pretty happening up over here and I do my best. I. Do my best to cut those out. Bet. I'll just say that. That's gonna be one of the things that makes my podcast unique. And hopefully. That will inspire you to start your podcast if you're waiting to have the perfect setting. Or have professionally recorded, but you really just wanna share what super important to you or superfund helpful just get started. I could totally wait on making the podcast until it was professionally produced or. I could just get started for the women who need and want to start using these tools. So things don't have to be exactly like everyone else's and I’m gonna use my podcast as an example of that. So, let's get started. On today's topic, which is realistic. Versus Possible. So just like starting podcast, really starting anything new. We might hold ourself back. And be worried that something doesn't feel achievable or realistic. And our brain cells to start giving us this long list of I, can't because. So, this may look like I can't because of time money energy my job, my family, my responsibilities, the bills, the unknown the past the future. This list real stop. But what's so interesting about all of it? Is that all of those things I said can be completely valid. It's a reason that I can't or you can't reach ago. But what happens is when we start out. Thinking something isn't achievable, even though it's something that we think would be really great to accomplish, and it could really line up with. Our creative self and are authentic south and even our priorities. When we start thinking that something isn't achievable. It's a block to a potential solution to a problem. Or a potential block to the next step to get started. So instead of thinking. About something being possible with opportunities are Kinda. Shrug it off. We laugh put it all the idea. We kind of put it down with and call ourselves crazy for even thinking about it. And we might even think it would be nice, but it's not realistic.

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And that phrase. It's not realistic. It just sounds so official, right? I'm just being realistic. What's funny is when you think about it. Realistic never offers us a best case scenario, so picture that so you may be saying to yourself or someone else may be saying to. Just be realistic. You're definitely going to achieve that goal. Or just be realistic. You're definitely getting the new job. Isn't that funny? It's almost like we prepare ourselves instead for a disappointment in advance. So. We're feeling disappointment in advance. A feeling disappointment in the future is kind of like a double dose of disappointment. So funny so many times. What we say after we use the word realistic is usually a worse case scenario. So it may sound something like be realistic. You can't do it. Right like be realistic, not possible. It really is kind of just like a block. It's a block to a possible solution or possible next step. And someone may even say this desperate, the most beautiful heart and attention we may say to ourselves the most beautiful heart. And intention, because remember if you go back to that list of the reasons up, I can't because. We could use those as valid reasons that we can't. And if that sounds familiar. Don't let that discourage you. Our brains, they really want to stay clear of something new. Because what we're doing and what we have habits better already created, those are just automatic for our brain and new things require changes. New Things require trial and error. New Things require failing. Like for sure her. Like creating the podcast or creating any kind of goal that is important to you. It's going to require trying and failing at trying and failing. Right so when we say I can't because those really can be. Little roadblocks that our brains decide. Will keep us from taking the next step or going forward. So, what ends up happening is it's like we start fighting for the can't. Will fight for all the reasons. It's not possible. This is why I can't and this is. Why can't and this? And once you see that as an automatic response, you can challenge it, and that's why I wanNA totally bring it out in this topic of realistic versus possible. Because when you see that as an automatic response I can't because. That's the power zone perspective I to offer. You is that you can challenge it? I can't because blank. Right, so if that doesn't feel realistic. I wanted to kind of break it down the difference between realistic and possible. I had to go to Google. And Look Up. The definition for realistic really wanted to know like what. Does realistic. meet. In official terms, okay, so this is what Google defined. Realistic as pay. It's a practical idea. Of what can be achieved? Or expected. Memory read that again. A practical idea. Of what can be achieved? Or expected. So, that really is realistic, right, we can't expect. To achieve new things. Without full attention planning, so if we're not planning something new or not choosing to create that result intentionally, it's not realistic to just expect it right like it's not going to just fall into our laps without. Taking some additional steps so when we say it's realistic not to expect maybe this new result, we can kind of say yeah. Right in order for it to be expected. It would have to be on purpose and it would have to be. Intentional. So think about the phrase like be realistic. Get used a lot, but it really when you think about the definition of being practical of what can be achieved or expected, is gonna mean completely different things to completely different people based on what they think is achievable. And that's all it is, so if you're talking to somebody who's run a mile. In less than five minutes and you say you WanNa do that like. That's totally realistic. Yeah, it's totally possible. Of course you can do it right if you talk to me. If I say I'm GonNa read by under five minutes I might want to say it's not realistic and notice right there.

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When I say it's not realistic I've cut myself off. From It being possible for me. So. What if? Instead of being realistic. Your goal was possible. Totally Possible! I had a possible, too, because if we're going to be doing some comparisons. Okay so I looked up the definition of possible. And you know what was interesting. The definition on Google. Possible was not. Unrealistic. Like is your mind kind of like what's happening here? Mike kind of was okay. The definition for possible is not. Unrealistic. The definition for possible is able to be done. Within the power capacity of someone or something. Thanks to Google. Right So remember that what's possible for you is not unrealistic. It's able to be done able to be done, so hey, if I WANNA learn how to run. A mile under five minutes. It's able to be done. It's possible it's not unrealistic. I get to decide at that point. Do I want a twos reasons why I don't wanna do it? Not Reasons I can't do it. There's a difference a total difference right, and that's what I want you to have. The total full choice in choosing what's possible for you, so let's say you really want a new job where you WANNA pay off your house in a couple of years like you don't even WanNa. Pay It off in thirty like you wanted to get your house paid off. You want to be confident in social situations. You WanNA travel. You want to help people in beautiful amazing ways. You WanNa. Put some of your ideas out there. Those are all possible. They are not unrealistic. They are able to be done. So this is the question that I love asking myself all the time. Is, do you want to keep fighting for the can't? Or. Is it possible? And really validating like if you haven't heard episode to a goal that you have and you haven't validated that, it's a goal you even want to do. You don't even have to be having this conversation. Of What's realistic impossible? If you don't want to do something that's different from saying I can't. So I can't in, it's not possible, or it's unrealistic can sometimes come just from fear. I rightfully, so you know like we have fear of new things that. We're going to get started that we may not know how to do exactly. Or, maybe there's fear that these things were going to get started on. Are GonNA take too much time in? They're going to replace. What's already valuable important to us? Or there's a fear that will forget. Our priorities altogether. We'll forget who we are. When we try something new. We haven't done before. and. That's just not true. It absolutely doesn't have to be that way. There might be things that are very important to you like to me spiritual things and family are my top two things like those are super important to me, and what I found now is that those are even stronger than before! I've never had a more consistent spiritual routine or better relationships with my family. And all of that is possible because of asking questions like this. What do I want to do? And how can I do it all while having my priorities, stay at the top. State number one. Right so think about that. You want to have the energy to be able to do your priorities. You want to have the energy to do something new. Be really cool to reach this goal. It would line up with your priorities. It would add to your experience. But it feels unrealistic. That's okay. Of course, it feels unrealistic your brain. Doesn't affect that result to be achieved automatically. But that doesn't mean. that it is unrealistic and it doesn't mean it's not possible, so think about some of these things. Losing weight and keeping it off, maybe you've gained weight and lost weight gain. Weight and lost weight. and.

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It just feels like this time. It's just not possible like it's even possible. Is it realistic to expect? That I can do this. Yes. It's totally possible. What about feeling beautiful? What about appreciating your body? And stop you know really beating yourself up and being so critical like. Is it realistic? Is it possible to achieve that. Yes totally. I want you to feel that I want you to be able to see just how beautiful you are now amazing you are, and how much is possible for you? Think about some of these other areas what about getting a new job or even just enjoying your current job to really feel confident in your job and feel like you're appreciated things done. Is it realistic tweaks bet did. Or is it possible to achieve it? What about paying off debt having a workout routine that you love? Getting organized. Feeling Yourself. Again after losing someone you love. Being Authentic and having authentic connected relationships with people that love you that you love. What, about a podcast? Things that can seem. Unrealistic can be totally possible. By just taking the I can't out. And replacing it with. What if this was possible? Where this is possible, because remember the difference between realistic and possible. Is Not the result that can be recreated. It's about what we think about the result that can be created whether or not. We think it's possible. is going to determine what actions we take next. And all of those things that I listed out to you that. Seem like barriers losing weight and keeping it off feeling beautiful, having genuine confidence getting new job. Join your current job paying off debt working out getting organized. Feeling yourself after losing someone you love and honoring them. In the life you live now having authentic relationships in connections and having a podcast. All of those things are things that. Clients are discovering for themselves every day. Women just like you. Just like you! Achieving these things while keeping their priorities for one. Right so I want you to know all of that is possible for you. I hope you enjoy this beautiful week. You're an amazing woman. Keep on rocking it like I know you will. I will see you next week. Hey, if you're ready to feel genuine confidence I, invite you to work with me. One on one and I help. Women manage negative emotions. Stop eating themselves up and live a life thing. Because when you have genuine confidence and heavy energy to do what's important to you? And the tools to create new results. Join me at Ms Christie Williams dot com to find out more. THAT'S MS C. H., R. I. S. T., E., Williams, dot com and I'll see you inside.