My Plant Based Journey

Well I decided to try something different.

I want to see how my body feels if I started moving towards a plant based way of eating.

There are a couple documentaries that recently sparked my interest.

The benefits of a plant based diet have been chatted about for a long time, but lately, I’ve had more interest in it for health.

I’ve ready several books including The China Study which was mind-boggling (and hilarious and times). I actually enjoyed reading it even though it was a ‘research study.’

I’m curious to see how a plant based diet effects my inflammation and if eating that way helps me with my runs.

The fact is I really don’t LOVE meat that much. Bacon and a really well-made cheeseburger are my only weakness currently on the meat side.

Chicken, fish, turkey, sausage, and all that I could pretty much give up today, and I wouldn’t miss it.

The area I think that will be the hardest for me is dairy. I love cheese! I love yogurt, sour cream, milk, ice cream, ….I could go on.

So what is this experiment going to look like for me? From experience I know changing my habits cold-turkey does not work for me – at least in the long term. So I decided NOT to do it that way.

I’m switching out my food choices one-at-a-time as I eat through my fridge and pantry.

I’ll start replacing the majority of my plate to the plant based side and see how it goes.

What’s my ultimate goal here? I’m not 100% sure.

I think overall I really want to feel better, have more energy, and try something new.

I don’t plan on becoming Vegan but try out a largely plant based style and see how it goes.

There don’t appear to be any down-sides to eating plant based (except missing my dairy LOL)

So I’ll take you on this journey with me, and we’ll see what happens.

How long will this last? My goal is to be feeling the best possible for my half-marathon Feb 23.

My goal starts today, and I’ll increase the plant swap all the way up to race day.

I’ll keep you posted. 😉