Motivation to Get Stuff Done

Ep. #5 – Motivation to Get Stuff Done

It may feel like you should be motivated because you have an amazing plan of action, but motivation is not coming from our plan or the end goal.

Time, skill, and ability don’t = motivation. Find out what creates motivation and how you can create it to keep going.

A check in with what you think about yourself & your goals can reveal why you don’t have the energy to follow-through even when the results are important to you.

Motivation is not dependent on your circumstances.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • Your thoughts create your feelings.
  • Actions are driven by your emotions.
  • Consistent action creates your results.

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Motivation to Get Stuff Done

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Welcome to the hello lovely podcast with Christie, Williams, here. I cannot wait to teach you how to be your authentic self, so you can live a life. You love without beating yourself up and feeling stunned so hang out with me, and I'll show you exactly how to do that. Let's get started. Hello Ladies. How are you guys today? What have you been up to this week? I have been creating training programs and working with some women who have some amazing goals. Superfun and I can't tell you how much joy I get creating those trainings. and teaching them and working with them, and see them grow so much fun. Also this past week I went to my very first virtual wedding shower, and it was so awesome I never done that before, and I gotta say I feel like I got to see and celebrate the couple so much more virtually than if we had been in person. Only problem was I didn't get to squeeze them. Give them big hugs and kisses, and all of those wonderful things. But that is coming as soon as I can. Soon as it makes sense to go over there and safe to do so I will be hugging and kissing them. And celebrating that way, but it was just so cool. It was so cool to see all the friends together and them celebrating such a special time. And just seeing a young couple in love like that reminds me of all. The wonderful things that I love about my hubby. And my marriage and all the things. Even though it's eighteen years. Later. What? I can't believe I'm about to be married eighteen years eighteen years. It's been wonderful, but it's just amazing like I can't believe much. Time has passed so anyways. Good things to celebrate in congrats to that couple. All the couples out there getting married right now. In these incredible unique times. So today's topic is motivation to get stuff done. And this one makes me feel so privileged to teach because of the impact. That these tools have had in my own life, and as a result, many other lives. And I'm sure it's the same for you in the sense that when you're around. Someone who is genuinely motivated like it's really coming from their guts. They're not faking it like they are just motivated. You almost can't help starting to feel motivated yourself. So that's what I’m talking about in this episode is to show you how to create motivation. That's right, create. Motivation to get stuff done, and I guarantee you as a result when people see you making changes, and they see you motivated and getting things done. They're going to feel motivated to ask. What are you doing? 'cause motivation is so contagious. It's like one of the best contagious things out there motivation. So. Let's first start with why that we don't have motivation. Most of the time. It feels like it's connected to our circumstances, so that can include possibly the day of the week. The time of day our schedule. Maybe our family our resources. Our Responsibilities Like those, things are kind of what we would call our circumstances. But it comes down to one thing. When creating motivation one thing. And it's not our circumstances. It's what you think. Now that's important to know. Because most of us have experienced attributing our motivation or lack of. To our circumstances now that's not a bad thing. But when we do, it creates additional limits to what we think we can do next. And those additional limits to what we can do our what we're thinking how we think about it. What our brain is an we are deciding so here's what I mean. If you look at past historical ways of how you think. Or How may you took an action. You may label yourself as someone who gives up. Someone who doesn't follow through, and when you label yourself that way your brain. Will be using that thought as filter for your next action or your decisions. But. What is the circumstance? The circumstance is you. And that you are light, like that is can be totally proved that fact that you are you. And you are alive and you are not a problem.

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But when you think about yourself and you have a certain belief. That I, give up. I quit I. Don't follow through. It's hard for me. Those are all thoughts. Those are all what you think about yourself. But they're gonna, create a lack of emotion. They're going to create the opposite of emotion. So. Even if those things feel super true, they are all just thoughts. And what is thought if you really think about it? It's like Whoa. Thinking about what if thought is? But if you do that if you just think what is the thought, it sentence in your head. Super good to know because this is how our brains work. Your brain is introduced to a circumstance smell. This is something you either see. Hear smell feel anything like that. It comes into contact with your awareness. Your senses your brain notices. Or is introduced circumstance. You're brain then evaluates that circumstance like whatever it is. What it has been introduced to. And it gives you optional thoughts to think. Now what Super Interesting! Here is based on your experiences and part of your human design. And so these will vary by percent like how you grew up or where you grew up or. All of those things so many things plus our human default design. So you have the circumstance that we've been introduced to. Your brain is evaluating it. It's offering you different thoughts now when you think a thought. When one is picked and this is happening subconsciously. You're not even noticing it. When you think a thought. Your brain will create an emotion. It's almost automatic like you don't even notice a gap in between. It's like imagine a brain synapses. Which I hope I'm seeing that right, but it's just quick. It's like automatic brain. Have thought feel feeling. kind of like. You just don't notice your breathing. Unless you pay attention. But Trust me. If you're listening to this podcast, you are breathing right, but you're not aware of each breath. You're not aware of what's happening next. You are just breathing on default. So let's recap when you seek something. You feel an emotion. Having a thought. And you feel a feeling. And it may feel connected to our circumstance that we've been introduced to or that. We're thinking about because we don't notice. That we are thinking in between, we just feel a feeling and we're seeing or experiencing a circumstance. The thought is automatic. So. Let's just take a minute to celebrate this design of the brain. Because without it. We'd be like robots just waiting for input. We’d be introduced to a circumstance. Just waiting waiting. Waiting. Nothing else can happen until we think something. So our brain is designed to have thousands of thoughts a day. Some are automatic. But all are so valuable to have as options because we have to react, we get to react. We choose to react. So what happens is when we're not aware of what we're thinking if it's one of those thousands of thoughts at just being offered up by our brain, because of either human design or because of our. Personal experiences in the past. We may be surprised by an emotion that we have. And then think. We have to wait for that emotion to change by changing our circumstance. So motivation for example is not coming from our circumstance. Our motivation is not coming from. The exercise routine. Motivation is not coming from the eating plan or another person. Or the time of day or your skill? Motivation is coming because you're thinking something. That makes you feel. Motivated so when you're not motivated sometimes, we're thinking the thought that is similar to this. What's the point. We may be in this. Thought and just really feel discouraged right, so imagine this when you're not motivated you’re thinking thought similar to what's the point. You feel powerless. Something that doesn't produce motivation or actions.

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It feels kind of final. So, what's the point is thought is not a circumstance, just notice. The difference there, so you see how this is true for you like. What are you thinking right before? You decide not to work out. What are you thinking? Right before you decide not to follow through or not to get out a bed. Literally take a minute with me. Let's do together. Picture yourself in this scenario. Where you plan to eat or plan to exercise a certain thing or a certain schedule. What are you thinking? Right before you decide not to do it. Maybe. It's something like what's the point that sample when I used before. Maybe it's a thought it doesn't matter. An, how do those thoughts? Make you feel? Not motivated. So. If you're wondering why not motivated I have the exercise plan I, have the time. I have the skill. I have the ability I have all the food like I went to the store. I've got everything. It's because things are circumstances. And they don't do anything to you. They don't create motivation. You're not motivated because the thoughts you're thinking are not creating motivation, so remember. When you think thought, you feel an emotion, it's instantaneous. So if you're thinking, it doesn't matter. What's the point you're instantly going to feel? Not going to be one of those other ones. So, let's get to what. Thoughts to think then. that. Create the feeling of motivation. Because in that brain process. I taught you earlier. You have a circumstance. Your brain thinks thoughts based on evaluation. As soon as you think a thought, you feel a feeling and the next component after feeling is action, so it looks like this. I know I'm repeating this since some of this might be new for you and I. want to make sure it's clear. You have a circumstance. Your brain evaluates and creates optional thoughts. When you think of thought. You have a feeling. When you have a feeling, it creates actions, and then all those things together produce a result for you. So if you create the feeling of motivation. What will your next action be? Exciting right. Next action when you feel motivated is getting stuff done which is exactly what you want to do. So I'm going to share some of the thoughts I use that I love that. I want you to totally steel, so you can think these and you feel motivated. Steal them, and then you can create your own motivation. My personal favorite is I'm going to figure it out. I'm going to figure it out. That makes me feel. motivated. So compare those two thoughts. Right the point. And I'm going to figure it out. Do you see that thinking one of those put you in a completely different direction from the other. That's how your brain works. It's not by accident. So if we work backwards from the brains process, what result do you want to create? It's getting stuff done. So what would I be doing? If I was getting stuff done like what would my actions be? If I was getting stuff done, I'd be planning my meals. I’d be setting my alarm clock. I'd be getting out of bed when I planned. I'd be eating the food I planned. I'd be working out, cleaning the kitchen. Like think about your actions right here. Your stuff you want to get done here. And then what would I need to be feeling? To do those things I'd need to be feeling motivation. Focus appreciation. What would you need to be feeling to get that stuff done like isolate the one feeling. Isolate one emotion. Because then you can ask yourself this question. The one. That really really really matters. What would I need to think? To feel that way. And I really love the thought I'm going to figure it out because that gives me motivation. It doesn't matter what I'm doing. It doesn’t matter what result I'm creating. When I think I'm going to figure it out, I feel motivated.

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Then my next is always a step in the direction of getting stuff done. Because if I'm choosing to think. Like I have a brain, the guts my ability I get to choose intentional thoughts I want to think why not pick one that offers me the motivation I’m looking for. Because motivation won't just happen. It is created by what you think. One sentence at a time. So practice this. Practice it this week. When something quote, unquote comes up, and you don't feel motivated. You can think,’ I'm going to figure this out.’ And then I want to hear all about it. Want to hear what your experiences when you practice that thought and how it's different for you. Or the thought that you came up with when you ask yourself. What would I need to think to feel motivated? Because if you can be aware of what you're thinking and see how it makes you feel. You will be able to take consistent actions towards the result. You want every day and that is exactly. What you need to get stuff done. I love you guys so much. Have an amazing week and I'll see you soon. Hey if you're ready to feel genuine confidence I, invite you to work with me one on one. I help women manage negative emotions. Stop beating themselves up and live life they love. Because when you have genuine confidence and have the energy to do, it's important to you. And the tools to create new results. Join me at Ms Christie Williams dot com to find out more. That's MS C H R I S T I E Williams dot com and I'll see you inside.