Making the Most of It

(Ideas for fun coming below)

I’m sitting here working from home in front of my hubby and thinking how much of a blessing that is.

I always wanted to do that, but it hasn’t worked that way. 

This morning I was making a call to a friend, and they were home. We had time to chat and catch up a bit.

I told her we were making the most of it. ‘It’ being staying home.

That got me thinking of all the ways we can all ‘make the most of it’ right now.

Making the most of it is such a great place to start in ANY circumstance, and it’s a a great practice we can all make even when this current event has passed us by.

Our Thought Machine (brain) is designed to learn and find answers. That’s why we commonly ask WHY and HOW?

Here are some ideas to get those brain juices flowing in a direction of new ideas to ‘Make the Most of It’ now (and beyond):


How can I make this time with my family at home the most enjoyable?

What projects around the house have I always wished I had time to do?

Clean closets (separate clothes for donation)

Paint (Sherwin Williams is allowing pickup at some locations)


Clean the shower (not fun but we have the time 🙂

Clean windows

Clean out makeup drawers to see what you actually like and want to keep

What personal projects can I enjoy now?

Organize Pictures (Amazon is still delivering crafts)

Transfer / Scan documents to digital storage

Learn how to use technology you feel unfamiliar with (so many YouTube videos to help you)

What are some Self-Care experiences can I do at home?



Take a Bath

Sit outside with a cup o’ coffee or glass of wine

Breath In-home workout | Stretch



What fun projects can I coordinate with friends?

Book Club – Amazon can deliver the book, and you can all meet up a Zoom meeting

Letter writing – do this through back practice to stay in touch and share how much you value your buds

In home drama club – dress up with the fam and send friends video Charades to watch and guess (I stole this from an amazing friend that just did this yesterday!)

Movie Club – Netflix is offering a watch party. Sounds interesting. 

What recipes can I create with what I have in the pantry for fun?

You may end up creating the next NEW food hype 🙂

Items you probably have:

Canned beans or veggies



Peanut Butter








What do I want to create?

Our brains have such a desire to be creative. Having the time to ask your brain this can produce some really fun and amazing ideas that may end up helping you and others in the future (and now). Give your mind time to be creative. We miss out on this on the regular, and you brain craves it.

Share your tips with me! I’d love to add to this list. 
Enjoy and share your pics and what you try. I’d LOVE to hear from you.

It’s another way to ‘Make the Most of It.’

Love, Christie