Make Success Simple

Ep #49 – Make Success Simple

Success isn’t complicated.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • The two different ways to reach big goals.
  • What makes success feel complicated.
  • How to keep success simple and fun.

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Ep #49 - Make Success Simple

Hi lovelies, welcome back.

Just finished a delicious smoothie. I’m working with a nutritionist who is also a lifting coach. She’s a total boss. And I’m about to be up to eating 2000 calories a day, yall. What? This is someone who used to go on diets over and over and eat somewhere between 900-1200 calories. Lost weight but could only get so low. Working out everyday. Aye! No wonder I would binge and go out of control. I was basically starving myself and didn’t know it. Now I’m building muscle and burning fat at about 1900 cals. GUYS. So I get to eat a lot of good food and don’t feel starving or deprived anymore. I will never go back to that other way again. I’ve learned how to eat optimally for my body - so now I can just enjoy that freedom of knowing for life.

Even though I’m not a health or weight loss coach, I wanted to share that with you because food, the way we think about it and the quality of food we eat really does impact us more than our physical looks. It’s so much deeper than that.

Any way to optimize emotional wellness and life wellness, I’m all in. So it lines up with today’s topic about success. Because there are many ways to complicate success. Many reasons not to celebrate the progress we have made, and I want to bring them out here, so you can feel more powerful, in more control, how you really are. What you have built in you to make success simple. And how we hide from our success sometimes by not celebrating on the way. I’ll lett you more about that.

Here’s the deal. Our brain complicates stuff sometimes. It looks for problems because it’s design to look out for danger. Thanks, brain! While that’s really helpful when a car is coming into your lane of when a tiger comes out of nowhere, looking for danger and problems can take your focus away from what's working.

Some of the ways we make success complicated are setting really big goals. This in itself I think is amazing. But setting big goals can be done in two different ways.: 1. Big goal that you’re committed to, supporting yourself and having little markers and mini goals on the way.

2. Using the big goal against yourself to measure whether or not you’re a good enough human.

Can you tell which one I don’t suggest? You’re right #2.

You guys goals aren’t a measure of your worth. Ever. When you use them for that reason, usually what they end up doing is making you feel less good about yourself. Even though the goal can’t change your worth at all. Using a big goal or any size goal as a measure of your worth is just not a good idea.

When you set a big goal to be committed to growth and because you want the results, you support yourself, you remind yourself that there are small, markers along the way that lead up to big success. You take each of those moments whether it’s small big or the fact that you are still all in as a celebration.

You know sometimes I celebrate that even though I have self-doubt as a human, I trust I’m not going to quit. How powerful that does THAT feel? There’s our goal, and then there’s our reaction to the goal. There’s our results, and then there’s our reaction to the results. There are moments to celebrate ANY progress, and there’s our reaction to whether we think we should or not.

Listen, permission granted and you don’t need any LOL. It is ALWAYS an option to celebrate where you are and the progress you’ve, made are making, are committed to making. This doesn’t require running yourself into the ground or doing any thing on the way perfectly.

In fact, as soon as you start to see that urge to do it perfectly, that’s when it feels harder. Cause you think you’re not doing it right or fast enough or some erroneous measure of what it should or would be had you done it perfectly.

I totally get it. Hand raise. Human here. That’s why I want you to have this episode and share all the goodies with those who need to hear it. Make success simple. It’s not complicated. Is it hard sometimes, yes, but we make it complicated. This work takes the complicated out.

So ask yourself: how can I make this simpler and more fun? How can I take the complicated out?

One way is to set and celebrate every moment of success on the way. Remember how I said we hide from our success sometimes by not celebrating on the way. This is sneaky. We think we can only celebrate when we get there to the end of our goal. That’s just not a rule you need to follow. There are no celebration rules. We make them up. So here’s the juicy secret: The more you celebrate on the way for anything: Making a plan

Having doubt and reminding yourself that’s not a problem

Following your plan during the day

Living your life as the woman who’s already there.

Taking time for yourself

Doing something kind for someone else that felt authentic

These make it simpler to reach your goals. No reason to wait for success til the end. You’re having success all the way through. You don’t have the goal all the way up to the moment you done. That means all those days and moments up to reaching your goal, you are IN process. It’s working.

Think of success as a ladder. At the top is your big goal. You can either set the rungs for you ladder really far apart like 5 feet apart, or 6-inches apart. You literally get to set the rung distance for celebration. Which is easier? Jumping really hard and putting all your guts into those 5-foot jumps or 6-inches apart? The answer is clear. Do that in goals. Make the rungs of success and celebration. Every ‘step’ along the way to success is success. Even if it doesn't feel like it.

Especially if it doesn’t feel like it. When you feel like crap and do it anyway and celebrate that you saw you felt like crap and didn’t quit. That’s HUGE. That’s a couple jumps up your ladder. We just don’t always see it like that. No problem.

That is progress. Progress is changing not just habits but by the way of thinking / your mindset until the new things you’re doing in life are second nature. Let it feel weird at first, celebrate that and the fact you’re doing it anyway. It’s so worth it.

So enjoy that lovely. Can’t wait to hear all the way you are making success simpler and more fun.

And if you want to take this work deeper and work one-on-one with a coach, let’s talk. Go to and click with with Christie to schedule a Clarity Call. It is so possible to change your overall experience with self-esteem and emotions. It’s a simple process, and share all of that with you on your Clarity Call.

Love you all so much. Have so much fun this week making success simple, and I’ll see you next time.