Life is Moments

Ep #51 – Life is Moments

Life is made of moments, big ones, little ones.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • Inspiration to create moments throughout your day.
  • You don’t have to have big plans to have special moments.
  • How this podcast episode came to be….. 😉

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Ep #51 Life is Moments

Hello, lovely.

Today I have a very special episode for you.

It’s gonna be a short one, but one you can use anytime you want to reset, take a moment and breathe. Life is moments. Big ones, little ones. How many moments do you create on purpose? I’ll give you a glimpse into some of mine.

Recently, a lovely in the community shared that sometimes she watches my stories just to listen to my voice because it’s so soothing. LOL

I love that. We joked about doing an episode where I read a book or do a night time story. Then I thought - why not!? Why not go through a little routine that I have in a soft, relaxing tone, so you could use this episode at the end of the day or anytime really that you want to wind down a bit or settle into your day with a moment.

OK, so I going to tell you a little bit about a day in the life of mschristiewilliams as narrated by Ms Christie Williams.

While you listen, think about going through your day, and what it would look like if you could craft your day anyway you wanted.

I had a goal to start a business that helped women build self-esteem, work from home, and set my own schedule that supports me. Put it in prayer, applied the tools from coaching, and worked towards those goals and prayers, and here were are. I am living the life that I designed. It feels so good.

Number one thing here is credit and thanks goes to the most amazing Creator who gave us these awesome lives and brains and the ability to set goals and be alive. Without Him, Id have zippo.

Now having the coaching tools to support my mindset, feel my feelings, and remember who I am, I can use those in harmony with my prayers and have the energy to do the work it takes to create these new goals. If that’s you, and you want to build self-esteem, feel your feelings, set a schedule that supports you, go to and Book a Clarity Call.

OK, so here we go, a day in the life of mschristiewilliams. Use this to inspire what you want your days to look and feel like and select this episode any time you want to wind down or take a moment and chill as you wake up. It’s inspiration for your own beautiful day designed by you.

I start my day at 7.

It used to be 5 am. I’m glad it’s not that early anymore.

When it was, I made it my schedule. I commit to it. I lived it.

I found the joy in it. Could I wake at 5 now? Yes.

Instead I created space to sleep and soften into my day starting with the mock sunshine at 7.

The mock sun rise is an alarm clock that wakens you with a light.

It starts orange and low and slowly lightens to a brighter soft light.

While my eyes are still closed, it seems as tho the sun is up.

When I open them, I see it’s my alarm. How fun.

I take a moment to read the bible in bed.

Before I get up I sit and feel the soft covers and remind myself, I’m alive. This is a gift and say a prayer.

The prayer is personal and it changes with the conversation that applies that day, but it always includes thanks.

Then it’s off to the bathroom for what you can imagine, ...and then it’s coffee time.

This is a favorite part of the day...although you’ll hear me say that many more times.

The soft robe with purples and white and flecks of other colors feels like a reminder that the day is still beginning. There is no rush anywhere. I have a moment.

I brew the K-cup, with most likely Banana Fosters flavor, and grab the Vegan creamer from the fridge.

They get mixed together to make a beautiful light brown, delicious concoction that I can only say, ‘mmmm’ after smelling and sipping..

Then it’s time to sit outside. I can’t wait. A favorite part of the day.

I see my favorite tree, and if I catch a glimpse of a blue sky….ekkk. My day is made.

By this time the real sun is up, and I let it shine all up in my face. ‘What does the day hold for you, lovely?’ I day to myself.

This is a loving, fun relationship - with self. It’s a contrast and promise to myself from how that greeting used to be. You’re ugly, you're not good enough, nobody likes, those days are in the past. That inner meanness I didn’t see was optional. I do now. No thanks, lovely. I don’t talk to myself that way anymore.

There’s so much possibility. What hats will you wear today? The CEO hat, running the business, planning the year, business decisions that grow the business and help women say yes to themselves and self-esteem, all day- every day.

The Coach hat, partnering with clients to help them feel solid, full, whole, and in love with their lives. Supporting their feelings, and meeting them where they are. All feelings are welcome. Which ones will we meet and discover today?

The Wife hat, as I snuggle the hubby and squeeze his cute face while he works at the kitchen table ‘office.’ Hope he works from home today, so I can see glimpses of his beautiful self and be reminded of the amazing love and life we share.

So many many many options… this day is delicious. Whatever is planned.

Is it podcast day? Those are fun. Here were are. It is. Now I leave you as the day goes on.

A moment in time, captured in a podcast. What is your day like? Do you describe it as full as this? Why not? You can. There are miracles, beauty, and blessings everywhere. Do you see them? Share them. Tell them to everyone who’ll listen. The beautiful things, the real things of life that makes yours unique. I’d love to hear them too.

Share what pieces of this story you’d like to have, that you already have, or that inspired you to create a settling in the day moment of your own.

Hope you had so much fun on this week’s episode and use it as a tool to settle in your day and see what’s possible for you. Why not make it amazing. I love you all so much. See you next week.