Lessons Learned

When you start a business, you have all these ideas of how it will grow. You want to know every single step to success. We’ll here is a juicy morsel of information that will be good-to-know upfront:

There will be LOTS of surprises.

Wouldn’t it be great to have ALL the answers upfront and know what will result from every action plan you put in place?

The automatic answer may feel like ‘Yes.’

I want to empower you by confirming that you don’t need to know the result of every action plan.

Isn’t there a disclaimer on TV and radio ads that says, ‘results may vary?’ That is SO true.

It’s the same in your business. You will have plans in place. Then things will be different than you expected.

I’m here to tell you. That’s all OK. Sometimes the messiest results bring out the most amazing business relationships and success.

Get ready to get messy! Go get ’em, lovelies.