It’s Never Your Last Emotion

Have you ever been really sick? So sick that you had to cancel everything.

I hate that. I’ll give you a recent example of a migraine.

Day started fine. I actually felt amazing. I worked out, took a shower, and got on a call with a website consultant.

Suddenly, it felt like my brain was my enemy, and I had to get off the call.

The pain was excruciating. I was so scared. I started vomiting from the pain (sorry if you don’t like vomit), and so the day went on into the night.

Late that night and the next day my head still felt the effects, almost like it was bruised. I’m sure it wasn’t, but that is the best way I can describe it.

Why am I sharing this?

A lot of things had to be cancelled that were not part of the ‘migraine’ plan. I had to say no to several appointments. It broke my heart.

The next day I was laying in bed watching my thoughts about it, and all of them were pretty mean.

Here is a summary of some of those thoughts in my head:

Why did this happen?

I’m so mad at myself.

I disappointed so many people.

They’ll never know how much I was looking forward to this.

I can’t believe this.

This stinks.

— So interesting right? Now fortunately I know that this is just what brains do when they are left alone in pain.

I decided not to judge myself or the thoughts that popped up during the recovery.

What came from this was actually quite beautiful. I was able to ask myself what I wanted to learn from this. What did I want to remember next time?

This is my favorite thought:

No matter how low I feel, it’s never my last emotion.

I ALWAYS learn something from something hard. When I come out of it, I know exactly what I want to do next.

Reflect. Celebrate. Apply.

The next time you’re feeling down, don’t feel the need to rush out of it.

It’s OK to feel it. In fact, sometimes it’s part of the healing.

You can be sure that you’ll come out of it after allowing the time to process.

Ready for the next emotion.

Enjoy the day, lovelies.