I can’t believe it

You lose weight and think, ‘I can’t believe it.’

You gain weight and think, ‘I can’t believe it.’

Either way you’re surprised by the results.

Isn’t that funny?

You made a plan to reach a goal.

You start making progress towards that goal.

Your brain notices the changes and throws up ‘I don’t believe it’ as if it’s unbelievable.

You get loosey-goosey with your plan because you’ve made progress.

You notice your results change back. 

Your brain notices and throws up (you guessed it), ‘I don’t believe it.’

It’s never your ability that creates results. It’s what you believe about yourself.

‘I don’t believe it’ is a single thought you have. 

Thinking that on both sides of your results keeps you smack in the middle.

It’s a sneaky little thought that sounds useful. ‘I can’t believe it.’

Sometimes we celebrate that thought. Then revert back to old habits.

Sometimes we kick ourselves with that thought. Then we get back to the goal plan. 

Why is that? 

It’s NOT your ability.

It’s NOT because you can’t do it.It’s NOT because you are weak, or crazy, or uncommitted.

It’s because you think you can’t believe it and notice that as true.

I challenge you to BELIEVE it.

What if you got on the scale, started paying off your debt, started having REAL confidence, and your brain threw up ‘I can’t believe it.’

I want you to challenge that thought.

Of course you believe it! Of course you believe that you got new results. You’ve been working your BUTT off. 

Take ownership of that. That’s what will move you forward.

When you reach a goal, think ‘I can’t believe it, and keep repeating that over and over to yourself without awareness, your brain will find proof that it’s NOT believable.

I want you to PROVE otherwise to yourself.

Take ownership of the results either way.

When you notice yourself saying, ‘I can’t believe it,’ about your results, question that.

How is this believable? 

  • I lost the 2 pounds. Of course that’s believable. 
  • I got the new job. Of course that’s believable. 
  • I am paying off all my debt. Of course that’s believable. 
  • I finally have real confidence. Of course that’s believable. 
  • I know how to be myself anywhere. Of course that’s believable. 

See the shift? Try it on.

How can ‘I can’t believe it’ be true on both sides of your goal?

It’s just a thought. It’s not 100% true. It’s optional. 

And… it’s keeping you smack in the middle.

Your ABILITY is 100%. What you choose to think about it is what creates your results.

You get to think whatever you want. Choose what fuels your progress.

YOU CAN do this.