How You Identify Yourself

Ep #44 – How You Identify Yourself

Your identity is not rigid or unchangeable.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • What your identity is.
  • How the past doesn’t have to limit your story.
  • How you can rewrite the next chapter of your story.

Featured on the Show:

Ep. #44 - How you identify yourself

We’re going to talk today about Identities. Google dictionary: the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.

My definition in my program is the story you tell about yourself. It’s the way you identify yourself, the way you talk to yourself, the way you describe yourself to other people over and over. This is who I am, and then we give the story.

What if you don’t like that story, or you think there are parts of it that aren’t good. You can totally heal those. BEFORE WE GO any further, I want you to know something. In this moment, you are as whole and valuable as you’ll be when you write and live in your new story. So you don’t have to wait to start understanding who you are in this moment or wait until later to be valuable. OK, ok. Now that’s clear, many times there are parts of your story that are hard to look at. So they get pushed back, locked away and hidden almost with shame. This is totally to be expected. We’re not taught how to look at what we’ve been through in an exploratory way - without judgement. It is a skill that we develop in my program.

Once you start exploring what you currently don’t want to look at, you get to know yourself on a whole new level. It becomes VERY clear why you do things and don’t do things.

There’s understanding and an invitation to start thinking differently about yourself, not forcing positivity, but real understanding for where you are in this moment and how the past shaped current pieces of your identity.

Then something beautiful is available. You start to change your story and grow in the relationship with yourself. Habits that used to feel like a part of WHO you were start to change. You start telling a new version of your story because. You don’t forget the past or have to erase what happened, but it’s not a limit to who you want to become and be now. You get to grieve and heal any areas that have been painful and loving move on.

I like it to describe it this way - it’s like there was an open wound for years. It kept getting bumped or covered up but it didn’t get the treatment to heal it. Now that wound is healed, and you may notice the small scar once and a while but it doesn’t hurt as much and you hardly notice it anymore.

You can change the story about yourself ANYTIME - today. It starts with looking at the current story you’re telling yourself and the way you describe yourself to others. Then it’s an invitation to decide right now - who do I want to be - start telling that story now. I am a woman who….

Change happens fast but it’s not from force - it’s from practice. When old thoughts pop up or when the old habit of criticizing yourself starts, you simply remind myself: Oh, I don’t talk to myself that way anymore.

Your life catches up with you. Instead of trying to chase down your goals, chase down approval, or success, you are content in your present circumstances BEING the women you want to be by the way you talk to yourself and identify yourself with others.

One day you’ll see an old picture of yourself and remember and old story you used to tell yourself: I’m a mess. I’m dumb. I’m behind. I don’t belong. It’s too late for me..’ And you’ll be like, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I used to talk to myself like that.’ Not anymore. Your identity has grown. You have a new story. You get to write that next chapter any time.

You ready for that? Let’s change your story to one that you LOVE and enjoy who you are now while you make those changes. Go to and schedule a Clarity Call to work with me in my private coaching program.

Love you all SO much. See you next time.