How to Create Motivation

Do you feel unmotivated?

I used to push away the idea that I could do something new or start a new schedule because I was so afraid to fail. I wasn’t able to keep motivation in the past, so I didn’t know how to keep it up for my future. 

I thought only ‘special people’ could do it. I didn’t think I was one of them. 

If this resonates with you: 

It’s NOT true. Stop beating yourself up. You are good enough – now. Everything you want to achieve is absolutely possible. It doesn’t have to be a huge goal. It could be getting out of the hole of negative emotion. It could be feeling good enough to get off the couch and shut the Netflix (that was my regular spot).

This isn’t mumbo jumbo (or crazy talk). This is true. 

The reason we get stuck and overwhelmed is not because we’re not good enough.

It’s because we THINK we’re not good enough.

There is a difference. It’s THE difference.

When we’re a kid, we’re free. We laugh out loud and play; we’re our true selves. We don’t even think about what others are thinking. As soon as we start questioning who we are and what we’re worth based on what OTHERS say, we start losing some confidence in our value. 

Nothing has actually changed about how worthy our human life is, but the thoughts we start thinking cause us to spin in doubt. It’s so uncomfortable. We start feeling negative emotion and don’t know how to get out of that dark place. 

These are questions that spin around in our mind:

Am I good enough?

Am I stupid?

Are they better than me?

How come I did that?

Do they like me?

What’s the point?

First things first. Answer those questions to see what your brain is really thinking. This might feel scary, but taking a look at what you’re thinking is the first step to feel better. Trust me on this one. 

These our some small steps to see what you’re thinking and how it effects your motivation.

This is a no judgement zone.

  1. Grab a pencil and paper.
  2. Take a moment to breath without distraction.
  3. Think about what is overwhelming you.
  4. Write down all the reasons. Take as much time as you need. 
  5. Take a curious look at what you wrote down. Those are your thoughts.
  6. When you think those thoughts on the page, how do you feel? I like to take them one at a time. Each little thought will change how you feel.
  7. Who would you be without thinking the most painful thoughts?
  8. Imagine yourself a year from now doing things you love, caring about yourself, and not doubting yourself.
  9. What does that feel like?

That is possible.

Motivation doesn’t come from outside us. That is a good thing because we truly can create it when we want it. What would you be thinking if you were motivated? What would you be doing if you were motivated?

If you want to start feeling better and learn how to create this motivation, I invite you to a coaching session.

If you’re ready to completely transform your view of yourself, feel better, and get yourself to the results you want, I invite you to join me for a year of one-on-one coaching. What you gain and who you become in the process, will change your habits for good. You will gain confidence and so much more. 

This is not a temporary fix. This is not instant gratification. It’s learning exactly who you really want to be, what you really want to do, and balance your emotions so you can maintain it moving forward.

Not sure where to start? That’s OK. I’ll teach you how. All you have to do is commit to YOURSELF.

Need help with that too? I got you, lovely. 🙂