How to Be All In

Ep #15 – How to Be All In

As long as you decide it’s working, you’ll continue to work for your plan.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • What causes women to switch plans
  • Doubt doesn’t have to keep you from your goals.
  • A new plan cycle to create consistent results.

Featured on the Show:

Episode 15 - How to Be All In

This week I want to get right to our topic.

From it not working to I’m working for this plan.

There is a looooot of information out there.

We get used to habits, so it takes a decision to recommit to new things. You are very strong in your decision at the beginning of a plan (because you think it’ll work for you). All the plans can work for you.

Problem: excited about a plan, see it’s possible at first, lose steam

question if it’s working, look for proof, judge your results, stop the plan, look for another one, repeat, start considering other options, ask other people what you should do instead of evalutination your results. Will try it and see.

Plan Cycle: 1. Excited by a new plan - possibility it will work

2. Start the plan - feel good about it - no physical results yet - but you’re all in

3. Old Habits feel tempting - question if this will work

4. Continue the plan but doubt it’ll work

5. Start looking for a new plan or way out

6. Quit / Start new plan

So why does this happen?

We base our commitment to something on IF IT’s Working. As long as you think it’s working, you’ll continue to work FOR the plan, and IT WORKS. As humans we connect things working to very specific results in a very specific amount of time. That’s OK. It’s good to have set point of focus - a goal. BUT there’s a point where we start doubting if something will work. Then start entertaining that doubt as if doubt is important. It’s not. Doubt is an emotion. It comes from a thought we think like: Is this working?

The solution for this is find a plan you want to do for a lifetime. Not a quick fix. Decide it is the BEST one for you, start the process, see yourself at the end result, recommit to yourself and the plan, other people will have different advice, don’t be tempted to flip flop, keep owning that THIS is your plan. It will always work. Always.

That’s where it starts. You are ALL IN when you decide at that point, it is working, and you are working for the plan. Now this may seem backwards.

Wait, Christie, I don’t want to do something that doesn’t work. But that’s the whole thing. When you SAY and think it’s not working, you stop putting intention focus into it. You may still be taking some actions, but you don’t believe it’s going to work, so that effects your results.

What you can do to be all in. It’s a commitment to yourself and your goal. No matter what people say, no matter what results you get in the middle, you are ALL IN. You OWN it. THIS IS MY PLAN. I decide that this is the perfect plan for me, not because it’s the ONLY one that will work, but because it’s the one that you are committed to work.

The alternative is trying a bunch of stuff and only getting to the first two levels one the Plan Cycle. It’ll feel really compelling to switch because you’ve already disconnected from your current plan and you want to feel the excitement and possibility again.

Here’s a big secret. The PLAN is not giving you the good feeling inside. You feel the possibility in the new plan because you’re thinking: I can do this. This will work. ETC and YOU ARE OWNING IT.

In fact, in those moments when someone talks to you, you are so confident. Oh yes, this is what I’m doing. It’s not because of the plan. It’s because you are ALL IN - you are owning it so hard that this will work.


THAT is what keeps you getting results, refocused back to your next actions. You worry a lot less about how and what people say about your plan WHEN: YOU OWN YOUR COMMITMENT TO THIS DECISION.

WHAAAAAA? Yes, you can totally say something is not working. But why? That’s your plan. That is THE plan that is the roadmap to your goals. The roadmap hasn’t changed, you decided it wasn’t working. That’s where the new plan cycle comes in. You OWN your decision. OWN IT. It’s like a blend between commitment and certainty. Good as done.

Notice what changes in this new plan cycle.

New Plan Cycle: 1. Select a plan - possibility it will work

2. Start the plan - feel good about it - no physical results yet - but you’re all in

3. Old Habits feel tempting - question if this will work

4. Recommit to your decision BEST plan for you. You are working FOR the plan. It will work.

5. OWN it. Love your plan. See all the reasons WHY it is working.

6. Work for your plan. / Results

Up to #3 - they are pretty much the same. Your brain will crave old habits, not because they’re better, but because they’re almost automatic. Can’t we just sit down? HAHA I want to stay in bed. This is totally normal and a part of the process. It’s OK.

That's where you pop in #4 and recommit to your first decision. You OWN your plan. I’m working for you Plan (and self). We are in this together. Instead of entertaining a ‘new plan would be better’ etc, you own this was the RIGHT decision.

You get to do that. You save the time it takes to switch and start on a new plan, etc.

More important than time, you CREATE the amazing skill or being ALL IN to your commitments. It makes you so confident in your decisions. You won't feel indecisive. You’ll know what to do.

Because you work for your plan, you OWN your decision because they are the ones that you’re choosing. THEY WILL work because you have that level of commitment to them.

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