How Do I Do It?

I remember asking a health professional many moons ago how to stop eating candy. I was referring to chocolate candy, not the wimpy stuff. LOL

I was asking a free health & fitness coach on an online chat.

He began listing out different foods to eat and gave me windows of time to eat in.

But he didn’t answer my question.

‘No, sir, I’d like to know HOW to stop eating dessert, please.’

He was completely stumped. He had no idea how to answer that.

‘You just don’t eat it,’ he replied.

Ugh. That was embarrassing. I thought to myself, ‘Really? You’re the only one who can’t figure this out, Christie?’

Needless to say I was super discouraged and figured why even bother trying if I couldn’t stop eating chocolate or sweets.

I’d never lose weight without that control.

It’s funny looking back on that now.

It is a REAL thing to struggle with food. It is REAL to not-know HOW to stop eating chocolate.

People that haven’t dealt with that simply don’t understand the question.

That’s the value in having the right support for YOU. How do YOU struggle? I needed the RIGHT support.

For me it was finally discovering all the behind the scenes issues I had with food.

It wasn’t the chocolate even though it really felt like it.

I can be around chocolate or cake or other people eating or anything for that matter and know exactly what I want to do.

It’s the difference in the tools I learned. The tools I teach. They’re priceless. They make the difference.

I LOVE more than anything seeing my ladies learn & apply them too. Priceless.