How Are You Feeling?

Started my day today a little different from usual and was reflecting on how I want to feel today. 

Today I want to feel productive, appreciative, and relaxed. 

I’d love to hear your ‘goal feelings’ today.

No matter what is happening around us, we can create the feelings we want to feel. This is for real. That’s why I want to share it. How?

Our actions, schedule, and what we’re doing today may be different from the ‘usual.’

BUT our actions aren’t effecting how we feel. Stay with me here. 🙂

Our minds are super efficient, and they like to have familiar routines, smells, visuals, and ways of thinking.

If you’re at home when you normally would be out, and if you’re not working when you usually would, our brains can freak out about this. Our brains are going to go right towards what ‘is going wrong.’

Here’s a sample of where brains go:
This is terrible.

My hard work was for nothing.

Why does it matter?

I’m not motivated.Who cares now?

It’s not important anymore.

I’m so mad.

People should know better.

What are they doing?

They shouldn’t do that.

Any of these familiar? Totally OK. Try this:

Notice that all of these are thoughts. Sentences in your mind. These are not facts. They are optional ways to think.

Be curious about your emotions. When you think thoughts, your brain (The Thought Machine :-)) generates a feeling. When you think each of these thoughts, how do you feel? Do this one at a time.

Offer your mind some different perceptive. Our brain is the most amazing tool we physically have. It’s more powerful than we think. Offer it a perspective that fuels you. 

Here are some optional perspectives:
I am informed. 

I choose what I fill my mind with.

Today is an absolutely fresh start. 

I am strong.

How amazing is the internet? 

We can work and school from home.

I am home with my family.

There is food in my house. 

I have so much.

There are amazing comforts around me.

Doctors are trained and ready.

This is not my future.

I am going to be OK.

Clean drinking water is at my fingertips.

I can call and talk to my friends anytime I want.

Laughter is free. (Find something to laugh at)


The sun is still shining, rising, and setting.

Doctors are trained and love helping people.

We are created to heal. 

My thoughts create my feelings.

I can choose my thoughts.

I really can.

That’s amazing.

Enjoy those and send me the thoughts you are using and choosing on purpose right now that fill you will comfort.

Our human life is not over. It’s in full force. You are smart. You are informed. 

Choose to focus on what serves you.

What possibilities are available? What can you control? What do you want to feel TODAY? 

What would you need to think to feel that way today? Practice those thoughts.