Good Enough is Busted

Ep #25 – Good Enough is Busted

Good enough is a distraction from what you really want.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • The value of your human life.
  • Why good enough is settle.
  • How to have more energy and less overwhelm.

Featured on the Show:

Episode #25 - Good enough is busted

Hi ladies, welcome to the podcast today. I am celebrating some amazing results that my clients are having. They are upleving and setting some pretty great goals, and what’s even cooler than that, is they know reaching them is totally happening. Hmmmm I just love that so much.

No more holding back, brain. It’s so good. So before we get started, I want to invite you. What goals do you want that you’ve been putting on the back burner? You know what happens on the back burner? Thinks get sludgy and need to be stirred up. LOL If you’re ready to jump to the front burner, it’s not that far. Sign up for your consult, let’s get you at exactly where you want to be and enjoy the process in between. Today is YOUR day. Back burner is broke. LOL

OK, so good enough is busted. I love this concept because we spend a LOT of time in confusion and doubt over this women. Women all over the world with amazing talents, creativity, drive, and unique-ness keeping themselves from goals because of this sneaky sentence: I’m not good enough.

So right from the get go, we’re going to bust that’s not true.

When you think you’re not good enough. It feels SUPER important. Your brain gets ulta focused on being good enough, but it creates ZERO change. SO interesting right? I gotta get good enough, so let me know change anything. Good enough is busted because it does not serve you. It’s not producing more good enoughness. It’s just a sentence on repeat that grabs our brains attention.

Because when you refer to ANYTHING else as good enough, it was a compromise.

It’s good enough - ehhhh. We use good enough to define it as a settle. It’s busted.

You are not a settle. You are an amazing human life with the ability to get every single goal that’s important to you. Period.

What’s in between you and those goals is that little sentence; I’m not good enough.

So what if you pop that sentence out of your life? What would that look like?

Good enough is trying to represent your value. But it doesn’t. Good enough is a settle. You know this because you define everything that’s good enough as really not what you want.

It’s good enough really means. I’m not happy with this.

Good enough is busted. Your value is given. You know what your value is? It’s your human life, and if you are listening to this podcast, you have one. You’re valuable.

It does not matter what happened in the past. That is over. Your future results are not defined by your past unless you want it to be. Is that what you want?

If that’s a no, than you get to rewrite it with something that you want.

This is the powerful shift you get to make without changing any circumstance.

There’s your value, and there’s what you think about your value. Good enough does not apply. You’re value is 100% right now. Now that that’s behind us, what do you really want to do?

We’re busting good enough on both ends. Don’t go after goals that are good enough? That in itself is a signal you don’t want it. Goals don’t fuel you. You fuel the goals, so if you are starting the goal with it’s good enough, you will not power it.

You’re a battery, and the goals are the devices. No matter how cool it is, the iphone won’t change the battery. It uses that energy. It’s the same with your goals. Your goals, no matter how lovely sounding, will not power you. You power them. That’s how amazing a human life is. So valuable.

What do you want to put that value and energy towards? Definitely something that’s not just good enough. You are living this life with the power of decision. Make a powerful choice, and you will feel powerful and connected. Just like a battery.

If you don’t feel powerful, it’s not because you’re not good enough. It’s because you not lined up with your goals. Like a battery in backwards. Let’s get you popped back in, charged, and ready to power the goals you actually want to do.

Less yeses to everything gives you more energy to power specific results. If you’re going in 10 different directions, you will give less energy to each thing. Remember since goals don’t fuel you, more things don’t make you more energy.

Choose what you really want from a powerful place of thought. Then fully power those goals. You will feel like a completely different women. You will not be going around thinking you’re tired all the time. You will set aside time for real rest. Overwhelm will not be part of the daily routine.

That’s what happens when you bust good enough on both sides. It’s busted. With that extra brain space, what are you ready to power? Let’s do it. Right now is the perfect time to start with a coach in your corner.

Don’t do it out of FOMO, do it because you really want these new results for yourself, and it’s YOUR time. Front burner is ready for ya.

If you’re ready to take this work deeper, go to, schedule a consult to work with me in weekly sessions. See you in session.