Give Your Brain a Break

Ep #23 – Give Your Brain a Break

Giving yourself time to think is one of the most important things you can do.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • The value of giving your brain time to rest.
  • Writing things down gets them off your mind.
  • How you can feel more confident from this daily practice.

Featured on the Show:

Episode #23 - Give Your Brain a Break

Hi lovely, I’m back from a week off, and it was so refreshing. I recorded podcast in advance, so there were no gaps in episodes, but last week I gave my brain a big break. I took time to think and read and not commit to a million things. I took a big break from social media, TV, and computer screens, and it was SO needed.

So that inspired me to create this week’s episode to give your brain a break. We have a lot of information we’re exposed to everyday. There may be a lot on our to-do lists. Lots of people to get back to, lots of things to read, study, watch, figure out.

Have you ever given yourself time to think? May seem strange. Just time to think. ‘I don’t have time for that.’

This actually has a big impact on the relationship you have with yourself. As women, we want to feel heard and validated, understood and celebrated, but when we’re getting a lot of information comin’ at us, we miss a lot of what we’re thinking. It can feel like you’re head is packed with info pressure.

It results in feeling reactive or overwhelmed. Scheduling specific time to think, let’s you see what’s on your mind. Because our thoughts create our feelings, seeing what you think is like a window into WHY you feel certain emotions.

Most of the time, women notice the uncomfortable emotions they’re feeling but don’t know why they feel that way.

Looking at what you think is the answer to why you feel that way.

The brain is like a thought machine, and the body takes the action. I’ll describe it this way, you know those little plastic horses or trains outside a grocery store? You put the coin in, and it starts to move. You can ride the horsey for 25 cents. In goes the coin, and you can see and feel the horsey start to go.

That’s the brain but with thoughts. A thought drops in, bing, and it creates an emotion. Bong. Can you imagine trying to throw in 10 coins at a time into the mechanical horse? JAM

Our brains are processing about 60K thoughts a day.

When we don’t take a look at the thoughts we’re thinking, they get backed up in there. We may feel confused or unsure what decisions to make because there’s so much going on in our head.

To give your brain a break, you set aside time to write down what’s on your mind. Writing it down gets all those thoughts on paper and out of your head. Your brain doesn’t have to hold on to it, keeping all of it down.

Do you ever hear yourself say ‘i don’t want to think about it?’ That is usually the signal that it’s time to think about it. But not in the way we’re used to. Instead of trying to figure things out in our heads, we put the words on paper. It releases the pressure. You give your brain a break.

Then because your brain is cleared out, it’s easier to take a look at what you really ARE thinking and if you want to take any of that with you or make changes.

Make this a daily practice, and you will see a difference in how you feel. As an added bonus, try adding a day where you set aside the social media, TV, or even a portion of the day if you need that for work, and give your brain a break from the intake.

I did this last week, and my brain became an idea machine. The creative ideas were FLOWING! It was because I gave my brain a break from incoming data, social media, TV, emails, etc. for a day and looked at what I was thinking.

You learn a lot about yourself when you take that time. It’s really what we want as women. We want to be confident about who we are, what we want to do, and know 100% we can do. That gets so much clearer the more you listen to what you are saying in your head and give your brain a break.

The daily brain break is a little interview with yourself to see how you feel and what’s on your mind. You treat yourself like a bestie - interested in what you have to say.

It makes a big impact in what you decide the rest of the day because you’re head is clearer and you’re more confident about who you are and what you want to do (regardless of what’s going on around you).

If you want to feel more confident from the inside out and be yourself, go to and schedule a consult for private coaching.