Get Clear

Ep #53 – Get Clear

The simple 4-step process to get clear.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • This simple process takes the pressure off to respond.
  • What influences your emotions?
  • What to do when you are confused, stuck, or overwhelmed.

Featured on the Show:

Ep #53 - Get Clear

Hi lovely, how are you today? What amazing things are going on in your week? Don’t you just love how unique everyone’s life is? We share so much in common and have such varied experiences...its so juicy. Love it.

Over here in podcast world, I just made a turmeric latte with almond milk, and it’ssss good. My nutritionist suggested no dairy this week, and she has the results I want, so I do what she says. LOL. You know what with only one cup of coffee I thought it would be capturing my attention all coffee!! But I decided to save the mind drama on that and just decide I would find delicious alternatives, and voila. Of course they’re endless.

So as we get into today’s topic Get clear, take a moment and think about how productive that is...when you’re clear.

Here are some examples of what the loveles do when they’re clear: Make decisions, not going back and forth, going forward

Don’t complain and get right to work

See the value in what they’re doing even if it’s not your favorite thing.

Not confused, and

Give themselves some space whether that’s emotionally or physically ….or both!

Imagine what you accomplish from that space: whatever you decide to.

When you’re confused, stuck, disappointed, or worried, it can seem like it will take a while to get clear or that it’s far off. That’s the beauty of this topic today, it’s quite the opposite.

You can have this tool to get clear anytime without the pressure it’s going to take a long time or rush to get clear. It happens naturally and organically through this 4-step process I’m going to share today.

In addition to getting clear, some added benefits are you can have a moment of calm even if a situation is unexpected. It’s a tool I use in the Emotional Triggers workshop that women go CRAZY YES for. LOL Understandably, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. With the habit of putting ourselves down and not even realizing it, the pressure to fix other peoples emotions and feelings becomes priority one and we lose focus on what we really would’ve done if we had been clear and felt calm. Listen we’re human, of course we want other people to feel amazing all the time because we want to feel amazing all the time, but you are a human with positive and negative emotions. They’ll be both 50/50 throughout life, and this doesn’t have to be a problem. You can experience and emotion AND be clear using this process.

So I’ll run through the simple 4-step process, and then take them one-by-one.

1. Pause

2. Breathe

3. Acknowledge

4. Feel

So 1. Pause. This is the delicious, simple, best first step. When you’re confused or reactive, the first thing that feels automatic is responding, reacting, fixing on the fly. This is not always what you want to do. The pause gives you a moment to take a step back and come back to yourself.

2. Breathe - when you’re confused, surprised, unsure, you hold your breath and start either overthinking or go blank. Breathing will bring your back to yourself, your body and fill your lungs with that much needed, brain enhancing oxygen. Ahhhh. Let’s do a deep breath now actually. … so good. Holding your breath is something that’s happens without our awareness, so in combo with the pause, taking a nice deep breath brings your emotions down enough to think. As Stacey Boehman would say, When emotions are high, intelligence is low.

3. Now that you have the pause and breaths (as many as you need), acknowledge. This is acknowledging what YOU think. Your actual thoughts in your head. Pick one. What is the one thing you’re thinking right now that feels most important? Notice that in your own head.

4. Feel. What you THINK produces your emotional response. That means once you acknowledge what you think, you’ll clearly notice what emotion you’re feeling. FEEL that. Reactions aren’t the same things as feeling. There’s how you feel and what you do. Right before you pop into a response or action, you’re thinking and feeling something. Let that feeling process in your body. There’s no pressure to respond immediately. You may choose to say or not say what you’re doing, and it’s always an option. ‘Hey, I need to think about this for just a second.’ Then notice where you feel tingles in your body. Do you feel pressure in your head, tightness in your throat, slight headache, it’s OK. It’s just you with you for this moment. Feel it and breathe.

So let’s go over those again: 1. Pause

2. Breathe

3. Acknowledge

4. Feel

Take this 4-step process with you anywhere. I used it daily whenever I felt confused or any emotion that was uncomfortable. After some practice, it’s more automatic now, and it’s rare that I’ll be surprised by emotions or stuck and confused. And even when I do, it’s not a problem. The 4-step process is at the ready. It’s also repeatable. It never has to be one and done. Sometimes all you’ll need is a intentional moment to do go through the process once, and you’ll be clear.

Or you can do it again. It doesn’t take long, it’s not about the time anyway. It’s about the value being clear before you make a decision. Decisions will be simple after the 4-step process. So enjoy.

Share with me all the juicy deets of how you used it and the beautiful difference it made for you. Everytime you practice it, you get better and better, and maintain more clarity and calm.

No matter what emotion you feel, you come back to yourself, check in, give some attention and love, and beautiful things happen. Just like any other friendship.

And if you’re not in the 6-month program yet, why not? Let’s go, lovely. You’ll develop the skills to support your mindset, feel your feelings, and remember who you are. It makes the 4-step process just a part of how you respond and helps you be comfortable in your skin.

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Love you guys so much.

Have a great week, lovelies!