Ep #58 – Feelings

You can’t fill an emotional need with physical stuff.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • How to feel your feelings without being trapped.
  • A fun example to get more comfortable with your feelings.
  • How to fill your emotional need.

Featured on the Show:


Hey yall,

Yes, we are going to talk about feelings. LOL It’s so fun.

This episode is going to help you get more familiar with your feelings in such a powerful way.

I’m going to share an illustration for feelings today that will change the way you view them.

It starts with a vile. Like a test tube. Imagine that your body has a tube in it.

It’s your emotional health tube. You can fill it up and it can get low, like a gas tank.

That tube needs to be filled. It doesn’t have to be 100% but filled up, like a gas tank. If you don’t fill it up, there’s no drive for life, no joy in what you do, avoid people, and even things you love.

Because it needs to be filled, it’s gonna get filled with something. So for temporary relief if you’re feeling emotionally low, you’ll crave something immediate to put in there to fill it: shopping, eating, drinking, TV, social media. All things that are delightful but don’t go in that tube.

So because they are not items that actually fill that tube fully, the pleasure and relief they bring is temporary, and you’ll be left feeling like you need more: more food, more wine, more shopping but overall emotionally, you won’t feel better or more balanced.

Everyone with me. You got your tube… you see it? I picture my emotional tube in between my ribs like where my esophagus is LOL.

This is the thing. Emotional tubes are filled with attention to your feelings. That’s the highest quality octane LOL.

If you’re feeling more anxiety, the last thing you’ll want to do is give attention to it. Here me on this: this is why it feels high. This is why that emotional tube feels depleted. Ignoring the empty light on a gas tank may give you temporary relief but it won’t fill the tank.

So let’s first talk about what attention to your feelings is not. It’s not being trapped in them. It’s not worrying about them. It’s not fighting with them. It’s the opposite of bracing. Picture shoulders dropping down. Ahhhh...

It’s allowing it to be there and feeling it as if it was digesting through your body. There’s nothing to figure out when you are allowing your feelings. It’s as if you’re sitting next to anxiety. Oh hey. I see you. I’m here. Give yourself a minute. …..Just be there. It’s OK.

This is a simple process that I walk women through and they practice on their own. It makes emotions softer and more balanced. Overall you get to be you - anxiety doesn’t take away from who you are or define you. It’s just there sometimes, like a visitor. Hey anxiety I see you.

With this practice, you fill that emotional tube up. You don’t have to do it every time, but it’s an option available. Sit and give attention to your feelings. You can do this with any feeling, positive emotions too. Feeling your feelings is a tool that builds self-esteem. It’s part of the three main things that support self-esteem. Supporting your mindset, feeling your feelings, and remember who you are.

Feelings both positive and negative are a natural part of this human body. When your emotional tube is filled up, you’ll be confident emotionally. Feelings will come and go but won’t define you. They’ll be a part of your experience. You’ll know what to do.

This is the work we’re doing in the 6-month program. Join us. You will feel yourself. You’ll enjoy what you’re doing. You’ll be clear. Emotional health is tied to spiritual health and physical health.

It’s not just feelings. Feelings matter. In the 6-month program, you’ll see how to fill that tube regularly and be comfortable in your skin with less anxiety.

Alight. To start this work, go to the website, book your Clarity Call, and we’ll get started.

Love you all so much.

Have a great week.

See you next time.