Ep #46 – Emotions

Positive and negative emotions are both part of the human experience.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • How to feel emotions?
  • High and low level emotions are on positive and negatives sides.
  • How emotions impact what you do and don’t do.

Featured on the Show:

Ep #46 - Emotions

Hi lovelies,

OK first I gotta let you know about a special workshop THIS week. If you are listening live.

Emotional Triggers - there’s something very powerful and useful in a trigger. Because this is powerful work and what gives my clients some of the most impactful transformation. I’m inviting you to join us. This will be a virtual workshop, and the way to join is to sign up on the lovelies list. You can use the link in show notes or go to mschristiewilliams.com, and the zoom link will be sent an hour before the workshop. So don’t wait, sign up now, and block that time off in your calendar. It’s that important. Important enough to take an early lunch. The way you think and approach emotional triggers will change for LIFE. OK.

Today’s episode is about feelings. I did a training on this a little bit ago, and it was SO good that I’m going to play it here for you.