Emotional Balance

Is it possible to have emotional balance, and if so, what is it?

The goal for many of is to be happy as much as possible, but sadly, right now, that’s not realistic. It’s just not the way it is.

It’s a part of being a human right now.

What really makes us uncomfortable:

Not being happy all the time

or thinking we should be happy all the time

The difference is when we think we SHOULD be happy all the time, we look for all the reasons why we’re not happy.

If negative emotions were just a 50/50 split right now, would you feel as crazy? That was one of the biggest helps for my mindset. I thought a lot about why I felt so much negative emotion, and a result, I had negative emotion all the time.

I mean ALL the time. I was scared of everything. I would worry about the unknown. I would worry about someone saying something that would ‘set me off’ into a depressed cycle of thought.

If I had motivation during the week, I would worry that it wouldn’t last through the weekend. What was going to happen to throw me off? I would wait for it.

That in itself was causing even more negative emotion for me. I didn’t see it. It didn’t even seem like a possible cause. There were simply tons of thoughts and questions in my brain worried about ‘what was coming.’

‘That’s how it is with me…always something gotta happen.’

This was the thinking that was increasing my negative emotion. Learning that negative emotion comes around for humans about 50% of the time was an eye-opener!

If negative emotion was simply part of the package right now, why was I so scared of it?

That was the next question I had to ask.

The answer was the next step to my emotional growth.