Drop the Inner Critic & Be Yourself

Ep #32 – Drop the Inner Critic & Be Yourself

Feeling insecure over 30 makes perfect sense without the blueprint I’m going to share with you today.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • The simple 6-step process to be yourself.
  • Responsibility feels amazing when you don’t judge yourself.
  • How to love what you have before you create more goals.

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Ep #32 - Drop the inner critic and be yourself

Hi lovely, today I’m going to walk you through a blueprint from start to finish on how you can drop your inner critic and be yourself.

Sometimes when we cross the 30 or 40 year mark in our lives, we assume that we’ll start automatically not caring what people think and be comfortable in social situations, know how to feel our emotions, and be exactly where we planned in our lives.

Here to tell ya, it’s just not the reality for most of us. The first thing I want you to know is that is OK. It makes perfect sense. RIght now over 30 feeling insecure without the blueprint I’m going to share with you, makes perfect sense. So get ready. As we go through, think about how you could apply and use each of these for yourself. The result of this 6-step process I’m going to share is not wondering who you are, not fearing your emotions or avoiding the dark place of emotion, and not compromising your standards, values, interest, and likes. LOVING what you have and yourself. So here we go.

A blueprint is everything when you’re building something new.

Building the relationship with yourself and your emotions is similar to building a house.

The foundation goes down first.

Step 1: Release the Judgement.

You’ll want to jump into being a pro at feeling emotions, but if you’re holding on to judgement and beating yourself up for things, it won’t feel comfortable. We lay the foundation to let your judgements go, nice and tender and secure.

Next the walls go up.

Step 2: Take Responsibility & Make Better Decisions

Responsibility feels amazing when you don’t judge yourself. Now that judgement is out of the way, you start to love owning your decisions even when they don’t go as planned. ‘Yup, that was me. I made the best decision in the moment. What do I want to do next?’

After those walls of responsibility are in place, you’re ready to put in the windows. You can see clearly what you want.

There’s no confusion ordering from a menu. You know exactly what you want. There’s no back and forth or changing based on what everyone else is ordering or telling you to get. ’Thank you. I know what I want.’ You ENJOY your choices. Food and life choices. You savor them.

Then you start protecting the inside with insulation.

Step 3: Feel Your Emotions

You understand the difference between having emotions and feeling emotions. The difference feels as big as when there is no insulation in a house. You’ll get hotter quicker, you feel colder and alone.

Feeling your emotions is the extra padding that you have your back and carry yourself through every. single. one. You don’t fear emotion, even fear. You know how to feel it. You know you’re protected. You feel safe and comfortable even when an emotion feels unexpected.

This is where it starts getting really fun.

Step 4: Be Yourself - How to talk to people

The sheetrock goes up and you are selecting colors, baby. This is where THIS house is YOUR home. Your beautiful life. You make it your own. You discover for the first time what you really like, who you really are, what you really want to do, and how to express that confidently without sounding like a jerk.

YOU love yourself. You don’t care what your facial expressions looks like. You are enjoying the moments more because you know how to be yourself and what that means.

Now you can move in.

Step 5: Love What You Have

Everything feels fresh around you. Even if you brought some things with you that aren’t new. You love everything you have. You take care of it. You actually enjoy cleaning it - I know, right?!

You never feel rushed to buy anything because you are so full inside and value every item in your life, you’re surrounded by people you love, including yourself.

Now you get to decide if you want extra options.

Step 6: Create More of What You Want

You have a great relationship with yourself, you don’t do things you don’t want to, you know how to talk to people and have supportive relationships. You know how to feel your emotions, and are so proud of yourself for that.

Creating more is like getting a new car in the driveway. Not everyone wants to add this piece. It’s optional. You got yourself all setup in your new life, this part is optional. Some women will want to keep growing their careers, friendships, and experiences. Some will want to keep savoring what they’ve always wanted. Freedom to enjoy what they have - contentment without more.

Both are beautiful. Both are available. This is what my clients are accomplishing. From start to finish. Some are 50, some are 60. Age doesn’t remove discomfort in our lives and it doesn’t hold you back from accomplishing these things.

If you are a woman over 30, and this resonated with you, we need to work together. Go to www.mschristiewilliams.com, and to work with me. Schedule a consultation, and I will layout what your blueprint looks like. At the end you will have a clear view of how to 1: drop some of your inner critic today, and 2: how to get where you want to be. Even if that feels unclear now, it won’t be by the end of the call.

Working with a coach puts your blueprint in action. Don’t wait one more day. Let’s get started.

Love you ladies. See you soon.