Doubt Buster

A plan is a series of choices in advance. 

It’s going to be uncomfortable. 

The most painful part is not the actions we decide to take. 

The painful part is doubting we can do it.

We want proof ahead of time that we can do it. 

When we feel doubt, it feels like we should make new decisions or change the plan. 

  • ‘It must be me.’
  • ‘I can’t do it.’
  • ‘Maybe I should quit.’
  • ‘Quitting is easier.’ 
  • ‘I always do this.’

Doubt doesn’t have to change your plan. Expect it to be a part of the process.

Decide 100% that you can feel doubt and honor your plan.

You are not behind. 

This is exactly where you should be. Feel doubt. Keep going.

Have compassion that sometimes you will doubt yourself. That’s OK.

  • No more questioning if you’re worth it.
  • No more judging yourself.
  • No more comparing yourself.

The Plan is the reminder of your decisions ahead of time.

It’s designed ahead of time especially when you feel doubt.

Notice the doubt when it pops up.

Have compassion.

Nothing has gone wrong. 

A goal doesn’t make you ‘better.’

A goal is your personal, unique experience.

You’re the curator of your personal experience. 

Your Plan is the itinerary.