Daily Brain Dump

Ep #47 – Daily Brain Dump

The simple daily practice to clear your head.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • How to clear your head everyday.
  • How to access your highest thinking ability.
  • How you can feel more joy on the daily.

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Ep # 47 - Daily Brain Dump

Hi lovelies,

Today I went for walk. Hadn’t planned on it, but it was so refreshing. I have this alarm clock that is a light. You can also use the feature to add birds, radio, or sound to it. It was collecting dust on my bureau. Decided to use it again. Which leads me to another story. TOTALLY cleaned out my closest and drawers yesterday. Ya’ll it was so freeing! Usually it takes me a long time, going back and forth with what to keep. This time… I picked it up, asked if it sparked joy, and it was either a yes or a firm no, no, no. BYE BYE. So taking those beautiful clothes to the thrift store today after this.

Anyway, that’s when I decided to uplevel my wakeup routine with the light alarm. Woke up so much more refreshed. It sets you up for feeling BOSS. OK, so that being said. Today’s episode is all about cleaning our that head - very similar to cleaning out my closet yesterday.

First things first, I pray everyday and do my Bible reading. Sets me up in a delicious space of thankfulness. SECOND, which is the practice that cleans up my head everyday is a brain dump.

THIS, ya’ll. It makes the difference between going through the day kinda foggy and BOSSING IT. My favorite emotion is joy, and I feel a LOT more of it throughout each day because of this. Not because I’m a special butterfly, but because of this work. So I want you to have it, so you can enjoy more joy too.

It’s simple. This is what it looks like. I write down all the gunk that’s on my mind. All the rants, fears, blah blah blah on one side of the paper. It’s literally a brain dump. I like to think of that as taking out the trash. The daily trash dump. I don’t spend a lot of time there. Problem solving isn’t needed. Just like you would with the trash. You throw it in, and toss it out. Bye bye. That in itself usually frees up so much brain space and invites me to the deepest, deliciosus breaths. Ahhhh. So good. Then it’s powerhouse time. This is where it gets really fun. I spend the rest of the time writing and thinking about what I am accomplishing. I used to say working on there, but that slight shift shows the power of our thinking. The slightest change in the WORDS we use, will change how you FEEL. NO joke, ya’ll. This is where you get to pull out your superpower. Everyone has it. It’s part of our brilliant design. This gift just gets so bogged down with the information overload and digital, on demand screen time. That’s why starting with this daily brain dump first thing, sets you up goood for the day. Plus, prayer, and bible reading… I mean come on, so juicy. OK

So the second portion of my brain dump is where all the creativity, possibility, and dreams come out. It’s bigger than problem solving. It’s space to think and imagine. I’ll share with you what mine looks like so you can have some examples. I’m making 6-figures this year and having so much. I’m working 25 clients this year and having so much fun. I’m losing 6 pounds of body fat to be at 20% body fat this year and Create My Shape - which is revealing my healthiest body and having so much fun. I’m paying off debt this year and having so much fun. I’m simplifying my house and environment and having so much fun. This is the powerful space I think from. As if all those things are already done. Progress has been made and I am living IN this results even it they aren’t fully done yet. But I talk and think about them as they are, and guess what. That’s the reason those things are going to happen. They’re just done, and I can get to work without spending anytime in doubt about it. So this part of the daily dump is more powerful because I think as the person who ALREADY has accomplished those things. You don’t have to wait to feel accomplished until goals are complete. We forget the entire time up to when those goals are done, we are accomplishing them now - we are doing the work that will = it’s accomplished at the end of the year.

This is the most delicious time of day. It also is when I have to pray again after because I’m so inspired and free in my head that I can get to work. This is what I want to offer you. The way we think, is HUGE. It’s BIGGER than the circumstances you’re in. more joy is available in our daily lives. We are the least aware of how we think until we intentionally decide to take a look and see - what thoughts are coming with me. We question thinking that makes us feel terrible and decide to powerfully say, ‘no thank you, brain.’ Our thoughts don’t change unless we give ourselves that opportunity on purpose each day to do that. That’s what the daily brain dump is about. Like watering a garden, you pop the weeds out first each day, and then water and fertilize the heck out of what’s staying there. Thinking from your future self who has the accomplished the goals gives you access to parts of your brain that are always there. The relationship with yourself is a filter for everything else. When you listen to what you think and feel and decide to dump out what’s not working anymore and say ‘no thank you’ to that way of thinking, so much will change.

Our brains naturally will go to what’s not working, and each day THIS is the opportunity to remind it, it’s wrong about that. Amazing things are happening even when we can’t see them. Options are always available. Our brain offers us sentences everyday, we get to decide if we’re talking them with us. That’s the power of a brain dump. Taking out the trash and watering the inspiration, possibility, and certainty of what we’re accomplishing. Every. Day.

OK, lovelies. Enjoy this. It’s a daily practice that’s too valuable not to share and I want you to enjoy every bit of it. If you want to take this work deeper, subscribe to this podcast, to continue to get the juicy gems to be comfortable in your skin and live with more joy.

I love you all so much. See you next time.