Confidence in Yourself

Ep. #10 – Confidence in Yourself

You have the ability to be confident without changing your job, your marriage, your weight – anything.

You admire people because they have genuine confidence. It’s not because of their abilities or skills. It’s what they are thinking.

Genuine confidence is the opposite of arrogance.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • How to be confident and not think more of yourself than others.
  • Why you have a hard time accepting compliments.
  • Everyone women has the ability to feel genuine confidence.

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Ep. #10 - Confidence in Yourself

REVIEW: Wonderfully Motivating!

Christie is so genuine and positive. Her expertise and life experiences are so inspiring. I am so excited for her podcast. If you are looking to make some positive changes, start here! She is an amazing life coach. I can’t wait for more episodes.

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What comes up for you when you hear the topic: Confidence in yourself?

It's a mix between : it would be great to be confident


I don’t want to think too much of myself.

That’s perfect, because I am going to address both of those in today’s episode.

FIRST, it’s actually unselfish - it’s not selfish we GOTTA clear that one up right at the get go.

If you’re a woman listening to this podcast, you care a lot about other people, you care what they think, and you don’t want to be pompous, arrogant.


That's why this topic has to be an episode here because I want you to know how beneficial confidence is yourself is. It gives you more time and every for other people because you know what you’re doing and who you are at your CORE.

You can love to hear what people think and not feel defensive and want to shut down.

Wouldn’t that be great?

So I’m going to share some of the definitions from google. The ones that define what confidence in YOURSELF means here today.

* the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.

Now if you’re thinking UHHHHH I can't trust in myself, that means I’m know it all and don’t value my creator and other people, etc. Stop your brain for a second LOL.

You are already trusting in yourself sometimes. LOL I know you’re sweating right LOL. I'm laughing guys because I help women through this all the time, and this comes with it.

OK, I’m giving you ONE SAMPLE. You trust yourself when you drive. There’s a lot of variables, dangers, unexpected things, but you trust that YOU can drive. YOU are in control of YOU in that vehicle. OK. That makes you a confident driver.

Do you feel selfish that you TRUST yourself to drive? That’s the trust - Confidence we’re talking about. OK.

OK, so stay with me here and use that as your example in this topic. YOU appreciate that you trust yourself behind the wheel.

You don’t feel confident because someone praises you. You’re a good driver. You’re not like: Oh am I? I didn’t know. You’re like thanks.

So think about other areas where people may praise you or compliment you, and there’s an idea that when people tell you these complimentary things, then you can be confident.

But confidence is not coming from the compliments. DRIVE

You don’t feel confident because you got a raise at work.

You feel confident based on what you THINK about those things.

Give you an example: Your boss could give you a raise and say lots of complimentary things about you to the HR team. You’re not there. You’re not in the room. You feel nothing.

The complement and the raise do nothing TO you, your body, etc. You feel something when you have a thought about those things. WHAAAAAT?

Yes, so notice the difference. What someone says, what you think when they say it.

So if you admire someone because they have genuine confidence, it’s not because of their abilities, skills, or what people SAY TO THEM or ABOUT THEM, it’s what they are thinking in their head about themselves and the other people.

That MEANS you have the ability to do that too. ALREADY without changing anything about your job, your marriage, your bills, anything. Right now you can start thinking ON PURPOSE about what you want to think of yourself as a woman and change how you feel about yourself.

If that seems hard, I’m going to tell you why. LOL

I discovered something super fun by accident when looking up the google definition of confidence. It was the synonyms: similar words and opposite words, and that says A LOT. It’s going to show you why it FEELS hard to change what you think about yourself.

If it’s hard to take a compliment you’re not currently confident in yourself.

Similar: trust



Opposite: distrust


Again notice the difference. It doesn’t mean it IS hard to change what you think about yourself. It FEELS hard in this moment because you’re thinking I can’t do it - AKA sceptic / distrust of yourself. Makes PERFECT sense right now that you don’t think you can do it. Your BRAIN is used to being a little bit of a sceptic about you. LOL

Remember how VALUABLE this is though in how you show up because your RELATIONSHIP with yourself is a FILTER for everything else. If you find yourself dististing of yourself or a sceptic of yourself, you’ll see that in other relationships, results you have, etc. etc. etc. FILTER……

So let’s pause for a word from our sponsor. It’s ME - LOL. It’s TOTALLY OK THAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING THIS. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or crazy OR that anything is wrong about you.

You just care so much about other people, want to love them so much, and want to have great relationships, you have been looking OUT at THEM to see what you can do without taking a looksy at YOUR relationships with yourself.

THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME, ALL DAY, EVERYDAY, because we DON”T KNOW WE HAVE THIS relationship filter. That’s why I HAVE TO SHARE IT ALL DAY, EVERY DAY LOL because I want you to know.

AS SOON AS YOU Know you have one, you can start doing two important things: 1. Take a looksy at what your current filter looks like - this can be tough because remember your brain wants to distrust you, be skeptical, and judge you. THAT’S OK. I teach women how to do this EVERYDAY. YOU CAN DO IT. There is ZERO doubt about that. Here’s the thing. Notice your brain will want to go there and distrust you, but you've promised yourself in advance you won’t judge yourself. You’re simply taking a looksy at what you currently think about yourself. Looking for sentences. This is not automatic because this is completely new. I made a guide for this.

Once you start this practice, you eventually won’t even need the worksheet, but I don’t want your ‘i don’t know how to do this’ to stop you. Print the worksheet. You’ll know exactly how to do it.

2. Start to create a new amazing relationship with yourself. Think about a friendship with a bestie. If you wanted to repair it, you were both truly ALL in, you would take the time to do this. Are you all in with you to repair and improve this relationship. What’s the downside to an amazing relationship. NOTHING. That takes time. My signature tool: Daily Interview with Yourself will help you do this for the rest of your life. It’s a daily practice that takes 10 minutes. 10-MINUTES. I don’t want anyone women sitting at home not thinking she’s not good enough and believing that.

No physical thing like wine, or donuts, netflix, shopping or traveling will make you feel better about YOURSELF. It has no impact on the relationship with yourself ZERO.

What if you swapped a FRACTION of the time and money in those areas A FRACTION and put it towards your sanity? It would FEEL SO GOOD.

My signature program will teach you step by step exactly what to, but more important than the how is the support and expertise of a mindset expert to teach you how to APPLY.

You could go on google right now and find something to read that will make you feel good in the moment. It’s not about the info, it’s about the application, and no woman applies lasting change without support. It’s part of the human package.

If you want to take this work deeper go to my website right now and sign up for a call to get started.

If you’re thinking: I don’t have time. I won’t keep that up. It sounds like a lot.I don’t know how to do it.

That makes perfect sense. Right now you have a little sceptic in your brain who doesn’t believe in you. Do you want that to be the reason you don’t create an amazing relationship with yourself?

Love you ladies so much. Have a great week. I’ll see you soon.