Choose Powerful Thoughts

Ep #24 – Choose Powerful Thoughts

Feeling powerful comes from thinking powerful thoughts.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • You can make decisions from a clean, powerful place.
  • Feeling powerful is the opposite of feeling stuck.
  • How to choose powerful thoughts.

Featured on the Show:

Ep# 24 - Choose Powerful Thoughts

Hello, beautiful, I was thinking about you a lot this weekend and feeling so whole. I want women to feel that feeling as much as possible. So i thought about if I could put it in the most basic formula, what would that be? Two things stand out.

1). Choose Powerful Thoughts

2). Soak in the goodness.

On today’s episode, I’m going to explain what both of those mean.

As you listen, I want you to really try this on and practice using this tool in your toolbelt it as much as possible. As humans, our focus tends to go towards what’s not working and why we’re not good enough - our brain has all the reasons. It tries to make a legit case for this. LOL

This episode is to reset yourself intentionally so you can feel powerful. What does powerful feel like? Ooh. It’s so good. I want you to pause this and define this for yourself and notice exactly what your body feels like when you feel powerful. For me, the characteristics are a clear, wide open head, future focus, open light eyes, and almost like my arms are swelling up with muscles. LOL I know it sounds funny, but that’s what powerful feels like for me. You may have different physical characteristics. That’s what emotions are at the basic level. Physical characteristics. Each emotion has it’s own, so test out powerful. See what that feels like for you. So fun.

When you feel powerful, you take powerful action. When you feel powerful, you make decisions from a clean, clear place. When you feel powerful, you don’t criticize yourself or others. You are fully present in the moment, and it’s the opposite of feeling stuck.

So since it’s so great, how can you feel powerful more often? Here’s a secret. It’s not your circumstance.

Feeling powerful comes from choosing powerful thoughts.

That is it. Episode done. No but really that is how you feel powerful as an emotion. Which is good to know because our emotions drive our actions. So when you can think powerful thoughts, you will feel powerful, and take actions from a powerful place. That will create different results than feeling stuck or indecisive and making a decision. It changes your entire experience and results.

So how do you think powerful thoughts? You get to choose to think whatever you want. As a default, we tend to think dis-empowering thoughts. Oh and our brain can pump those out baby. It’s used to it: I’m not good enough.

This will never happen.

Something’s wrong with me.

They’re better than me.

It’ll always be this way.

How do you feel after that list? Dis-empowered right?

What are the opposites to those? It an be hard to think of empowering thoughts for ourselves, but we’re going to do a little brain hack here. If you wanted to say something empowering to your bestie, what would you say? What would you tell her about her beauty, her resilience, her ability, her accomplishments? You get to chose those powerful thoughts for yourself too.

ANYTIME. The life that we live are one moment at a time, and we always get to chose what we want to think in the moment. Make it something powerful. It doesn’t mean you feel happy all the time. That’s not what life is about.

We have a combination of emotions that make us a human, and you get to choose powerful thoughts through all of them.

The brain is a thought machine, so you can think any combination of words you want that fuel you. Just because we’re used to the default ones where we put ourselves down, it doesn’t mean we have to keep choosing those.

We don’t need a permission slip to think a powerful thought. You can change the dialogue in your head and have a supportive relationship with yourself, and when you do, you’ll see that overflow into your other relationships and activities.

These are some powerful thoughts you are welcome to borrow: I figure things out.

It’s going to be better than I imagine.

I have everything I need in this moment.

I can choose my thoughts.

I’m accomplished.

I love being generous.

I love helping people.

Those are just a few. Write your list, and if it feels hard to put ‘I’ in there at first, try she or you. Those are swap outs to help you practice new thoughts. Everything with ‘I’ that has a positive afterwards is initially smacked down by the brain, so if that happens for you, use she or you.

(Read list with you)

So now that you have your list, how do you apply the second part of this powerful recipe? Soak in all the goodness.

You know how it feels to be anxious and how much attention we give it. What if you did that for your positive emotion? Every Time you felt powerful, joy, sufficient, peace, calm, relief, all of them, you spent time focusing on how that feels. You soak it in. You feel it like a sponge.

Emotions are 50/50 like a battery. We’re going to feel positive and negative mixture. Soaking in all the goodness means you spend time FEELING your positive emotion. Our initial response now may be excitement that we feel good, and we run to tell someone, buy something, make decisions, all those good things, but we miss the juicy goodness of how that positive emotion FEELS in our body.

I want you to try that on like a cosy sweater. The next time you feel powerful (which should be soon because you’re going to write your list), soak in the goodness of how that feels. Notice where you feel it. Do you feel warm, tingly, clear, what is it? Soak it in like a sponge and spend even just a couple minutes there.

You will feel more balanced emotionally the more you practice this because you will be paying attention to your body (which is a big part of your life). LOL Two main areas of our experience: our brain and our body. Let your brain think the thoughts and let your body feel.

When you soak in the goodness, you get to celebrate how great those positive emotions feel, so when you’re feeling the other 50%, the negative, they don’t seem so overwhelming. You can chose to think a powerful thought, feel your emotions, and keep making confident decisions in this amazing life of yours.

So try that on. Choose powerful thoughts and soak in the goodness. I want to hear allllll about it, so tag me on insta @mschristiewilliams and share your powerful thoughts and which emotions you soaked in like a sponge. I can’t wait to hear. OH and women benefit so much from what you share.

So if there is a lovely in your life that wants to feel more powerful and balanced in her emotions, share this podcast with her. Supporting other women in a world that usually tears each other down - that’s powerful.

See you guys next week.

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