Build Self-Esteem 2-Week Challenge | December 6-17, 2021

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Here are some of the highlights we’ll cover during the LIVE challenge:

  • How to get clear on what you want to do – This takes away the confusion about goals you want to set when/how, what you should be working on, and things that you want to let go off. You’ll have a process to do each one of these in the LIVE challenge.

  • Asking who am I? – Identity shifts can occur through marriage, divorce, sibling loss, moving, changing jobs, and many other situations. The LIVE challenge will cover how to rebuild self-identity from a loving, confident place, so you know who you are. Life doesn’t have to be stagnant or numb with your new circumstances. We’ll acknowledge the changes you’ve had and how to create a life that is full and on purpose.

  • How to reduce overwhelm, anxiety – We’ll have a feelings class to optimize how you feel even when experiencing those emotions. We’ll also cover how to extend feeling calm and enjoy more of your day-to-day. 

  • Daily activities feel like a chore? – Feel more calm and present. We’ll solve the lack of motivation when with a simple process to make the day better overall. Being able to say no at the right time and yes with loving, fair boundaries when needed. 

  • How to be proud of yourself in a healthy way – Keep comparison from distracting from your progress. Seeing others success is normal. I’ll share how to see others succeed without losing your joy and stay on track.

The LIVE challenge is not simply a course to learn information. It’s a course that will walk you through building self-esteem. You’ll build a foundation to continue using for months and years to come. 

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I can’t wait to guide you through the repeatable process to start building self-esteem during this event.

{LIVE calls will be hosted on Zoom} 

Yes, once you have self-esteem, it becomes a part of who you are. It’s not a long process or list of things you have to remember. One client said it felt too simple to say it was easy because the program has such a powerful impact, but the tools are easy to apply, and she wished she’d started years ago: ‘Had I known how easy the application of the tools would be - I probably would’ve acted sooner.’

Right away, you’ll start feeling yourself. I’ll teach you self-esteem tools you will have for life. You’ll understand why motivation goes up and down, where insecurities come from (and that they’re totally normal), and how to turn negative thoughts and feelings around. Your first session is a jump start, so you won’t wait 6-months to start feeling better. You’ll see changes from day one, and we’ll have the program term to make healthy self-esteem your new norm.

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Yes! You’re in the right place.

The Self-Esteem Program is designed for women who want to be more in touch with feelings even if they haven't shared that before.  We build on areas of life you are confident. You'll get familiar with your feelings and reduce inner criticism. A healthy relationship with your feelings will make achieving goals more fulfilling.

I hear you, lovely. May I be real with you? That's what kept you from improving self-esteem. This is what I want to offer you: Let it feel weird at first. New things have a learning curve. Expect that. It’s OK. Things feel weird until it’s second nature. I'll guide you through the process. Many women joining the program feel the way you do. 😉  

Classes are private and the program will strengthen the relationship with yourself. Expressing your feelings during class will become more comfortable.

May I be bold, lovely?

Self-esteem is easy to put off when it's new. If you have a desire to be there, what would you need to think to make it happen? The way you feel about yourself impacts everything you do. It's your choice when to start, but why wait one more day to have self-esteem?

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The program is designed to compliment your schedule even if you work full-time. Private classes are LIVE with me on Zoom and are 1-hour a week.

The 6-month Self-Esteem Program is $3500.