Believing in Yourself is not Weird

Ep. #4 – Believing in Yourself is not Weird

We all believe something about ourselves. If you’re going to be thinking and believing something about yourself anyway, what do you want to choose on purpose?

Our thoughts are routine. It might feel like we’re at the mercy of them and can’t change them. The great news is you can totally change what you chose to think about, including yourself.

If you are not feeling confident, it’s not because of your ability.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • You already believe in yourself.
  • What you think about yourself will change how you feel about everything else.
  • Doubting ourselves is part of being a human, and that’s OK.

Featured on the Show:

Believing in Yourself is not Weird

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Welcome to the hello lovely podcast with Christie Williams here I cannot wait to teach you how to be your authentic self, so you can live a life. You love without beating yourself up and feeling stunned so hang out with me and I'll show you exactly how to do that. Let's get started. Hello Beautiful, ladies. I am so pumped for this week's episode before we get started on believing in yourself is not weird. I wanted to shout out to all the ladies that are in the thirty days of success group right now. I have a private group that I'm offering on facebook right now. That is called thirty days of success where we are celebrating every single milestone towards reaching our results within thirty days. We started on July fifteenth. But it's not too late. If you WANNA, come in there and start celebrating with us and get a jump start on your goals. You are welcome to join us just search for thirty days of success on facebook. You'll see that group. You can click to apply. Invite you in. But we are just having so much fun in there. Celebrating and I just wanted to give them all a what what? So proud of them for going after their goals and so excited for them, so keep up the good work. Ladies and we hope to see you in there. Please come join us if you have some results, you WANNA create August fifteenth. Now let's talk about believing in yourself. This is so. Hard for some of us. It's like believing in yourself That's weird. And that's why I have titled This podcast. Believing in yourself is not weird. Before when I thought that really believing in yourself was weird. I would just hear this phrase believe in yourself. It just seemed so who and I didn't really pay attention to what it meant. I just heard it and shrugged it off as ridiculous. I've just been totally honest here, you guys. And this is why I want to teach you how valuable it is to believe in yourself. Really this tool this concept. This action of believing in yourself is so valuable and it's going to help you a lot. And it's important to know that it's not weird because it is something that you can use to fuel you. I'M GONNA SPLAINE. More about that in the episode today. And, I'm sure that in yourself does mean different things to different people. Today I’ll share how I've seen it and how I use this concept and tool. In my own life, and how I encourage my clients to do it as well. So. I really define believing in yourself as an action. And what you believe about yourself really comes down to. The thoughts that you think about yourself. So it is that simple what you believe about yourself believing in yourself? Are the thoughts that you think about yourself. So this is the kicker. Guys if you think it's impossible. Or hard to believe in yourself. You're already doing it. Yes. You're already thinking thoughts about yourself, and that's really what believing in yourself means. It's I fought that you think about yourself as it pertains to your ability in your, what's possible for you and your actions and results and everything like what you believe about yourself now. So thought you think about yourself right now might be i. don't believe it's possible to follow through, or it's hard for me to reach goals. But, guys, that's still. Believing in yourself. It's just believing that you can't do it. So. Here's what some of those thoughts about. Yourself might look like. They could be sneaky. But I really WanNa like pull these out to show just how simple the action of believing in yourself whether you believe you can't or you believe you can't. Really is. So, some of those thoughts might look like I can't do it. I won't stick with it. It's hard for me. And something's missing. Like about me. About my ability or about what I know? And sometimes what we believe about ourselves as woven in sneakily with other people, when it comes to what we think, and those might sound like this. They are smarter than me. It's easy for them.

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They may have connections. I'm not as good. As they are or I'm not as good at it I to some skill as they are. Did you see how sneaky those are like? Our brain is like trying to get away with something. Our brain is trying to say it's someone else. Or. Somebody else is the reason why we can't feel good about ourselves, but really it's still comes back to that belief about ourselves like those thoughts about ourselves, so I'm going to be interchanging belief about ourselves and thoughts about ourselves through this whole episode. They're really the same thing. So whichever one connects with you feel free to use it. It's fine. But believing in yourself, it's not weird like this is what we're doing every day. We're thinking thoughts about ourselves. So when you take a step back to see how some of those sample thoughts I just gave you. Impact your view of yourself. You can see how they really have created this belief about you that you can't or don't have the ability to follow through with your goals or reach your goals. So, we're all already. Ourselves at some level something. We're believing about ourselves, so my question to you is if you're going to be thinking and believing about yourself. Anyway. What do you want to choose to on purpose about yourself? And why does that matter? Because a lot of the thoughts we have about ourselves are so routine. It might feel like we're at the mercy of them, and we can't change them. They're just automatic and we just feel so negative maybe about ourselves. But! The great news is that you can totally change what you choose to think about yourself. You can totally change what you think about yourself like. This is so important to know. You didn't know this. I want you to know this right now. You can absolutely choose to change. What you think about yourself so the difference. Is what you think about yourself. Will change how you feel about yourself, so if you're not feeling confident right now, or you feel like. On the most part you kind of beat yourself up. It's not because of your ability. I wonder if he. If you're not feeling confident. It's not because of your ability. And it's not even because of your experience. It's because of what you are thinking about yourself. So, let's practice this just to kind of separated out just a weekend kind of see in have. A sample to practice. Just going to use a couple simple thoughts here, but you can interchange these with things that you know that you already think about yourself k., so let's start with this one when you think. I'm not good enough. How do you feel? Maybe, it's a feeling of unworthy. Or insecure. Or maybe when you think, I'm not good enough. You feel embarrassed. Okay so that's one so like when we think thought I'm not good enough. It affects how we feel. We feel insecure embarrassed. Unworthy whatever it is for you. But when you think. I can do this or when you think. I'm following through on this. No matter what. How do you feel? It just shift. It's a little bit of a shift like it may not be excited, but it's a shift. So when you think on following through on this, no matter what or I can do this. You may feel open. You may feel hopeful you may even feel confident. You might feel focused or committed. But notice the shift. Like nothing has actually even changed in these few minutes like we're still listening to the PODCAST. So the circumstance where the circumstance urine right now hasn't changed. But what you feel about, yourself can shift even if that feels very small. Or very temporary when you do this practice. It shows that there is a shift in what you feel emotionally. Your thoughts and that's all. I, want to introduce you to right here. because. That's very empowering. So, this is the question. How do you start believing in yourself to follow through on what you really want accomplish, or how do you start just believing in yourself that you have ability, or how do you start believing in yourself differently from how you do now? You intentionally choose thoughts that fuel you. So I want you to think about choosing thoughts. In a similar way as how an athlete chooses. How to eat food.

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Okay so think about the athlete, maybe even an Olympian. They can eat. Anything they want. They literally have the freedom to choose food. And put it on their plate and eat. It doesn't matter what it is. They have the freedom to say. I want to eat a cookie I want a donut. I can eat. A milkshake could eat a steak. But they filter. Their selections. How do they filter their selections right? Because they have the ability like they really have the ability, they could be eating whatever. But they're thinking about which ones are going to fuel them to get their results. So. Thinking about this athlete. Maybe it's easier. For them to go through the drive through. Like maybe it feels easier to eat. Whatever everyone else's eating like when they're at home in their family or maybe when they're with their friends. Feels easier to eat. What everybody else's eating? But the athlete? This olympian is choosing their food items to fuel them for their results. It's not always the automatic. Easiest choice. So. It's the same when it comes to choosing thoughts. It might be easier to keep thinking you can't do it. But. Is that fueling you? Okay, so, what is the upside for you? To, keep thinking, something is missing about you or that. It's not possible for you or that you can't. I. Want You to question if that's even the easier choice. Is it actually easier? To think those things about yourself. It's painful. It's actually painful to think about yourself so. It's not even that it's easier. It might just be automatic. Okay, so that is totally okay. Right because as humans like our brains. They WANNA go there they want to. Throw up all of these thoughts that we can't. So that's okay. But I'm going to teach you how you can start thinking new thoughts about yourself or start believing in yourself to fuel you right because who is thinking these thoughts? itchy. And who is feeling the impact of these thoughts. It you. So. Why not choose ones that fuel you? Yes girl okay. So I'm going to teach you how to do that. The thing is you can't just start sputtering thoughts. That sounds beautiful that you don't believe yet. Brain is very smart and it will just shut you down. So you don't want to just pick something pretty sounding like this thought that just sounds beautiful, lovely and not validate that it actually works for you. So for example, it may sound nice to think. All never doubt myself again. Sounds so nice, yeah! But when you think it, your brains like that is. And you feel doubt which is so funny because the thought is I'll never doubt myself again and when you ask yourself, how do I feel? When I think the thought will never doubt myself again. I feel doubt. So that's not gonNA fuel you. So remember what you think about. Yourself is going to affect how you feel about yourself, so you want to test it out. And you validate how it feels pay, so if you really don't WanNa doubt yourself as much, but you can't really start there with that thought. I'll never doubt myself again. Like if it doesn't feel, trudy doesn't connect with you. Then you could start with something like this. Doubting myself is part of being human and that's. Okay. I'm learning to be a woman. Who Cares about herself? I'm learning to stop beating myself up. Notice, with those that again it's a shift. It may not go from doubt too excited. That is okay. We're just validating that it gives you a shift and enough of a shift where it's more of a positive feeling about yourself. Because it's so important to validate, it's going to you feel i. you've already got thoughts that you think about yourself. That make you feel terrible. You don't need more of those, so if you're going to be adding new thoughts that you're choosing to think he won validate, they make you feel an emotion that fuels U.. K. So if that emotion is not fueling you when you're practicing a thought to think, don't pick that one.

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You can choose a different one. It's also extremely valuable in this practice to see. What you already believe in think about yourself, because remember you're already believing in yourself now even if you don't think you are. And you want to see what you are thinking about yourself before. You kinda just jump into thinking new things about yourself. This is so valuable, but I'm not gonNA play you guys. This is hard work. But it is so. Worth it. I like to describe this as an exclusive interview. With yourself. You're having an interview with yourself, but it's private. It's exclusive and it's on your terms. So if you had the privilege of an exclusive interview with someone. He really wanted to know what they were thinking about. Something because it's so valuable, and it was going to help you and fuel you. And move you forward and help you reach your goals. You wouldn't force anything out of that. You would be listening. And you would be patient. So to help you with this I made a tool that I want you to have. It's called an interview with yourself, and it's free guide. It's a worksheet that helps you see what you currently think and believe about yourself. And I'll go ahead and put it in the show notes, but you can go and grab it at Miss Christie Williams. Dot Com forward. Slash interview worksheet. There's no ashes in there. Just forward slash interview worksheet. It so. I included instructions on the worksheet how to use it? It's very simple, and it's designed to help you find what you think about yourself now. And it's so so important because what we think about ourselves. Really affects all of our relationships. With ourselves is a filter for all other relationships and everything that we're doing so it's helpful to see what it is rethinking. And it's almost like a little magnifying glass to discover why we have current habits, because if we have current habits, and we know what we're thinking about our cells, we can change those, and that's really where progress comes as change comes as where lasting long term changes come the changes you WANNA. Make in the goals that you wanNA reach. And this practice has helped. Women really find out. What they're thinking about themselves and things that they had no idea. That usually what you discover, an exclusive interview is something very personable and valuable. And as soon as you can see those thoughts that you have about yourself. You can decide if you want to change them. Because remember, they are at choice. And I'll give you the instructions in now worksheet. On how to get started with that too on how to create the new thoughts of what you WanNa, think about yourself. So to wrap it up. Believing in yourself is not weird. We are already. All doing it. So. Why not intentionally decide what you want to think about yourself and believe about yourself, so you can create the results you really want to. Create. And feel better emotionally. On purpose. Like how to do that knowing how to reach your goals in knowing how to stop beating yourself up and how to feel genuine confidence, you can really discover how to do that by seeing what you already think about yourself. And deciding what you want to start thinking about yourself to feel you, that's really what I want for all of you. Is when you believe in. You stop beating yourself up. And you have so much more energy to reach those goals. And help others even more. And I know if you're listening to this podcast. That's important to you. You want to feel better about yourself, but you also are driven to help others right, and you can have the energy to do it and the confidence the genuine confidence. To be able to do that. When you know what you think about yourself when you know what you believe about yourself. It's so empowering. So. Go Snag Your worksheet. If this connects and resonates with you and you want to start believing new things about yourself. Why wouldn't you want to believe? It's possible for you to reach your goals? Okay, I love you all so much and I can't wait to hear what you discover from your exclusive interview. I'll see you guys next week. Hey. You're ready to feel genuine competence. I! Invite you to work with me one on one. I help women manage negative emotions. Stop beating themselves up and live a life they love. Because when you have genuine confidence and have the energy to do what's important to you? And the tools to create new results join me at Ms Christie Williams dot com to find out more.

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That's Ms. C. H. R. I S. T. E., Williams dot, com and I'll see you inside.