Christie helps women create a better relationship with themselves. She teaches how to set a clear BIG PICTURE for your personal goals while enjoying a life that’s full now.

Every woman can reach goals.

The only limit to that is what she thinks is possible for her.

After losing two of her siblings in their 30’s, she felt guilty to enjoy things and unmotivated to make changes.

She saw the impact of self-esteem on the experience she was having in life and decided to change things around.

She went back to school, started her own business, and helps women see what’s possible for them by changing the one thing that makes the biggest impact – self-esteem.

Emotions are not a problem. You don’t have to be afraid of your thoughts. You are not limited to your circumstances. YOUR EFFORT AND GOALS ARE WORTH IT.

As a Self-Esteem Coach, her focus as CEO in her practice is to help women build self-esteem generationally.

Every women can contribute to healthy self-esteem whether they’re 8 or 80.

When we support ourselves, feel confident emotionally, and set goals we’re lined up with, we live a life we love.

That becomes an example of what’s possible for others. Circumstances that seem unchangeable become a new project for growth with a powerful mindset.

Imagine women having a deep appreciation for their skills, contribution, and their bodies from a young age and supporting other women instead of comparing and tearing down.

This is what a supportive relationship with yourself inspires. Building self-esteem gives other women the opportunity to do the same.

Christie’s goal is to teach self-esteem tools from school age to change the relationship with emotions and body image for women as a foundation through their entire lives. Our goal is to continue that education and Professional Support within companies who care deeply about their team and the client experience. The Self-Esteem School™ is in it’s early stages, but that’s where we start. We’re honored to be serving our clients and implementing these same essential principles as our business continues to grow.

In the meantime, are you ready to build self-esteem as be an example of what’s possible for others?

Christie can help you with that. Join her and the women creating a life that they love. Join the Self-Esteem Program here.