A Valuable Relationship

What would you say is the most valuable human relationship you can have?

Parents, spouse, mentor, ……insert here.

Have you ever thought about yourself? Most of us don’t.

We feel better when close friends pump us up, or when we get positive feedback from others whether it’s work or socially.

When that doesn’t happen, we start feeling low, and it sets us in a spin of negative emotion. We start to question are value, if we’re good at anything, or what our purpose is (even if we really know we have a purpose).

The good news is we can learn to improve the relationship with ourselves, and it doesn’t take ANYTHING outside us to do it? Whaaaa?

We start believing all the negative things that others say to us and that we say to ourselves. Who says that’s true about you? Why do we believe others opinion about us (and mostly the negative ones)?

It’s so interesting, right?

This video was created for weight loss guidance, but the message can be applied to anything we’re struggling with. The first step. Taking a look at our relationship with ourselves.

We might be afraid to take a look and avoid it, but I promise: taking the time to see the relationship you have with YOU is where things start to feel better.