A little refresh

Oh my gosh, you know how good it feels to have a clear mind? 

If it’s been a while, I FEEL you, girl.

We’re adding stuff to the ‘I don’t want to think about it’ pile. 

(Initiate brain overload).

Try this if you feel like your head is in a vice. 

  • Take a nice deep breath (ahhhhh)
  • Acknowledge your feelings matter
  • Say something nice to yourself (like you’re a beautiful person)

As a woman, we need to fully process our emotions to keep-on-truckin’.

I know, I know it doesn’t feel good to ‘feel all the feels.’ Blocking it out sounds easier. 

Picture yourself on the couch with a cup of coffee and a notebook. You’re not in a rush. You aren’t saying mean things to yourself. You simply want to think about what’s bothering you and feel. 

If it sounds stupid or it doesn’t feel natural, that makes sense. It’s new.

Try this guide if you need help getting started. 

It’s a nice refresh – a little interview with yourself. Download Here